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  1. long time no see. If you don't remember me I'm the guy that bought your TM m16 way back. I've been keeping it in good shape, and it has still not had any problems. I'm thinking of upgrading it some this summer since I have the funds, I'll send pics :P

  2. ...I could have found the base image without any recollection of making it.
  3. Personally I like The Chef's way better. It seems much less likely to have any impact on gas flow.
  4. By further threading the rod, then screwing it into the back of the nozzle to press the float valve? That shouldn't really have any negative effect on blowback strength. Is it very noticeable, or just barely?
  5. Wow, that's a bit different and worse than I was expecting. How old were these mags when they exploded? Maybe there's some sort of metallurgical issue and the metal becomes weakened from everyday use. On the other hand, I've always heard that some gas should be left in the magazine when storing it to keep the seals healthy. It's always been my experience that mags that go into storage ungassed tend to develop leaks, where as mags that always have a bit of gas in them almost never develop a leak unless they suffer a hard fall.
  6. WA mags cost so much because of where they're made and who they're made by. They are only slightly more complex than WE mags. They also probably don't explode because they leak with the slightest bit of mistreatment on propane (for example, filling them with propane). It's definitely an issue. Keeping your filled mags out of high-heat environments is the obvious and common sense solution, but the question of what exactly constitutes "high-heat" could be raised considering that like all gas guns the WE M4 is designed to work in warm environments and cold isn't exactly it's preferred ope
  7. How high at how far back? Are you sure it isn't just that the sight was set at a certain range and moving away from it is what makes the rifle seem to shoot up?
  8. Was discussed a few pages back, here. Seems to be another one of those mostly useless parts. I want steel barrels, now!
  9. Thanks guys! To be honest though the way they're shaped isn't that great, but I was very impressed to get a "burly" block of wood among a few blocks of standard grained stuff.
  10. Liking the look of that A1. Is it stock or does it have some sort of kit installed? Thought I'd share a few pics of my old WA 1911A1 with its new (somewhat defiling) threaded barrel: And for the hell of it I threw the KA Noveske KFH on (which really makes it very loud): Soon to be put up for sale in a thread near you!
  11. Jagdraben, what does that mean?

  12. I think (if I'm getting you, Ott.) he means a nozzle with some sort of spring to compress it when loading. Not sure how/if it would would myself, though. Fancypants illustrations, please. I don't really see a way to get a modern GBB pistol loading nozzle without completely redesigning the hop up/feeding unit area and modifying the magazine.
  13. You might also want to check out WE M4 Wiki. No reviews but it lists most of the common problems and solutions that some WE M4s have.
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