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What Pistols are people reading about?



Anyone who knows me through the forums will know I run the JustPistols website.


One interesting aspect of doing so is that it gives me an insight (to a degree) into which pistols people are interested in reading about.


Although the free web stats system I use (addfreestats) is a little flawed, the following are the top 11 reviews so far this year (end of May) based on page visits.


TM Glock 17

Tanaka Super Redhawk (Suspicious)

TM 1911A1

Tanaka Luger

TM Desert Eagle Hardkick

Tanaka Colt SAA


Tanaka Browning Hi-Power

KWA Glock 19

Tanaka S&W M500


The Super Redhawk's prominence seems odd to me and I suspect someone has it set up as their homepage...


The prevelance of TM guns is no surprise, but the popularity of Tanaka guns is more surprising, given their relative rarity, cost and unpopularity amongst skirmishers.


It may simply be that there are few reviews out there on the web aside from those on JustPistols, but it may just be there's a lot of people interested in the less common models that Tanaka produce, even if they don't buy one themselves.


The TM Glock 17 has had around 3200 views according to my stats, beating the nearest reliable looking review (the TM 1911A1) by almost double (1757).


Interestingly, the guns just outside the top 10 are more varied.


The TM Hi-Capa is number 11 and the KSC Glock 17/18C at 12(not that surprising), but a review of Elite's Custom Hi-Capas is no 13 with the Walther P99 from Maruzen at 14 and the Mk23 comparison at 15.


Number 16 is WA's vintage JatiMatic, which features a gas NBB system to fire BBs and batteries in the magazine to cycle the gun.


Obviously, there's a taste for the obscure as well as the mainstream amongst Airsofters.


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