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    Visit http:/www.justpistols.co.uk for a run down of what I've played with!
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  1. Ancient history but I think this may be down to original system Vs SCW. M Sent from my ASUS_X00PD using Tapatalk
  2. I found the spreadsheet I kept track of what I bought and sold on - These are the GBB and Revolvers I seem to have left HWS Remington New Model Army .44 WA Beretta Elite 1A Marushin Automag GBB Tanaka SIG P226 Tanaka Browning Hi Power silver WA Colt 1911 US Army Western Arms Beretta Elite SIIS IMI Desert Eagle MkXIX 10" Barrel KSC H&K Mk23 SOCOM, Metal Slide & 2 x mags Western Arms Beretta 92FS Western Arms SV Infinity Hybrid Comp 6" Tanaka Artillery Luger P08 & Spare Mag KSC Beretta M93R Tanaka S&W M29 6.5" I've also got an ICS H&K MP5 AEG that's never been outside and a TM S&W PC356 springer Cheers.
  3. I liked its rotating barrel design and I sourced a stainless barrel for mine, which gave it a unique look. I know the SVI is still here along with my Tanaka Luger and S&W model 29, a number of WA Berettas, a 1911 and some other stuff. Cheers. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  4. Ditto I think my WA SV Infinity Hybrid 6" is my favourite airsoft pistol, but, whilst I still have a few (somewhere!), the only pistol I regret selling is my WA Beretta Cougar. M
  5. snowman

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    If anyone's interested in nostalgia, I've just rehosted JustPistols. You can find it at http://justpistols.epizy.com Apologies for typos/broken links/etc/etc/etc... Cheers.
  6. snowman

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Yep. M Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  7. snowman

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I pop in now and then, but things seem pretty quiet. I still have most of my collection, but being a 'Chairsofter', none of it's been out of a box in 5 years+ - Chances are all the seals are buggered and they're just a load of paperweights now. I was inspired in my early days by DumboRAT, with his fantastic reviews and amazing knowledge. but I'm not sure he was an Arnie's regular. I recall he was a surgeon in training, so I guess that's what he does these days. Nice to see Garry still around (one of the few people I met in person in the airsoft world, along with some of the AI Mag team and Mike and John from Elite, who shipped me boxes of shiny Western Arms goodies to review on a regular basis - Ah, heady days!) and most of the names he mentioned are familiar. Other names I remember are Wege, BigAl, Renegade Cow, Hitman No2 and Utty (I'll admit I've done a bit of trawling and see a few of those old names still active). I'm sure few here will remember me and even my reviews have disappeared from the web now, so it all seems a long time ago... Facebook has killed a lot of Web Content - I've hosted a non-Airsoft related website for 20+ years and someone was looking for a document on a FB group recently - A number of people commented it used to be on my website, but it seemed no-one actually bothered using a search engine to find it still is! I think it's the same mentality that makes binge watching box sets rather than waiting a week to see what Jack Bauer was going to blow up next the modern fad! Is it any wonder people can spread 'alternative facts' so easily if FB is the only place people look? These days I spend most of my gun related time watching Forgotten Weapon's videos on YouTube - Very good content if you've not seen it! M
  8. snowman

    WE Mauser M712 Review

    I'm sure, but my interests have moved on too. Cheers Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  9. snowman

    WE Mauser M712 Review

    Not been around for ages, but I had to read such an informed and detailed review of the 712, being one of my favourite handguns. Great comparison to the real thing, which it stands up to remarkably well, I think. A real shame that the VCR act killed airsoft collecting, I'd have had one of these for sure! Thanks for taking the time, great review! Cheers!
  10. snowman

    AMT Automag by Marusin

    8.375" I think
  11. snowman

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Paloma Faith - Upside Down Cahill Club Remix
  12. snowman

    TM FN Five-seveN GBB

    What for? Cheers
  13. snowman

    Glock Picture Thread

    Did you paint the slides white for any special reason? Cheers.
  14. snowman

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Tut Against The Establishment - a sort of easy listening RATM. Cheers.

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