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Stippling, new customer projects, and 470+ fps.



So I have continued to stipple pretty regularly. Tried my hand at a Glock grip, looks OK, but could be better.


KWA G26C Grip:





I also have a new client build in the process of arriving. Built from a Dual Tone Hi Capa 4.3, I am excited to see how it turns out. He is going to run an Airsoft Surgeon slide (which is very nice, high quality, and build) and full internals. Actually a very nice build in the end even though it was pitched as a "light" build. Lucky for him he could pick up an upgraded hammer mech from me at dirt cheap. Binning the stock bits, so the gun should shoot rather nicely. Only thing really missing would be a few detail pieces and an upgraded trigger.


Since he hates the OPS trademarks, I stippled a grip up for him. I like the way it came out, but we shall see what he says.






I used the big tip for the front strap and the MSH, and then used the smaller one for the sides. I think it came out nicely and does look a bit different than the last set.


I also fit the PDI tight bore to my WA M4 and man is it a cannon now. On a Madbull Chrono (with my leaking mag, idiot WA mags) it was shooting 370+ all afternoon. I think it will do a steady 375 when I fix the magazine. Accuracy is still good, and out to over 120 feet it was still packing a punch. Finally swapped out the Troy flash hider for the correct SR-16 one, but since the suppressor is G&P, but the flash hider is KM, there is still a little bit of play. Nothing too bad, and certainly nothing to worry about. I wish the PDI was just a bit longer, it stops half way through the flash hider. If they had run it out to 400mm I bet it would clear 500 fps.


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