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  1. KSC Glock 19 Deep Blue PDI 6.01mm Tight Bore Airsoft Surgeon Floating Valve KM Stainless Guide Rod King Arms Recoil Spring PGC Hi Flow Valve Dytac Night Sights Vickers Tactical / TangoDown Mag Catch (RS) CAT Laser (RS)
  2. I have purchased, man I think 5 or 6 of them directly from RA-Tech. They are good guys, ship quickly and do give a bit of a price break for repeat business. Now Evike does seem to carry them (list price $65 plus shipping) if you want to try.
  3. No optics, open sights on this one. The other gun is my optics gun. Yeah I know you can get them...
  4. Yeah, it's in the mail Henry. I have never had an issue, but I have my hop up dialed all the way off. It is the double feeds etc that are breaking the hop up. Either way, CNC fix is on the way.
  5. I think so. I need to re-fit the Blowback Unit to the new frame, but with it loosely held in place, the smoothness is immediately noticeable, even with the heavy recoil spring I am running. Worth it, for sure, if you can find one.
  6. TM Hi Capa 5.1 SD STI Edge Slide SD POM Loading Nozzle SD Hammer Spring SD Barrel & Guide Rod Bushings SD Steel Outer Barrel SD Steel STI Chamber Airsoft Surgeon Recoil Spring Airsoft Surgeon STI Frame Airsoft Surgeon Valve Knocker (for AS frame) Airsoft Surgeon STI Hammer Airsoft Surgeon Strut Airsoft Surgeon Sear (for AS frame) PDI 6.01mm Tight Bore PDI STI Short Trigger PDI Grip Screws Nine Ball Air Seals Nine Ball Extended Mag Catch Nine Ball Extended Slide Stop King Arms Piston WE Magwell Chairsoft Custom Works Disconnector Chairsoft Cust
  7. Yeah mine is loctite'd or glues. I haven't taken a hammer to it, but I had hoped Redwolf had glued mine not WA.... Someone fit a UBR so they removed theirs.
  8. The Omega rails (at least in RS) are free float. No front sight cap necessary. They lock around the barrel nut and then there are 4 grub screws to even the rail to the receiver.
  9. Thanks, Daniel Defense also makes the Omega rail in DFE but only in 7" form. I was thinking about building something around that but wanted the longer rail.
  10. Test fit of the parts for my next WA M4. Looks pretty good, happy with my choices: Daniel Defense Low Profile Gas Block Daniel Defense Omega Rail 9.0 LMT Rail Mounted Front Sight Larue Tactical Rear BUIS Magpul CTR
  11. The stock part is just weak pot metal. Mine is slowly rounding off due to the bolt action. The G&P one is much stronger in structure. Now if it works better, that would be a plus....I'd rather buy a better bolt stop and bolt. You listening Clarence?! No three month wait this time OK?!
  12. Thanks Kiki. I have another gun on order and a spare mag just to tide me over until G&P releases there magazines. She shoots like a dream, when her mag decides to hold gas. Alternate look for giggles:
  13. Actually haven't dropped pics here yet:
  14. Better stock, probably swapping the pistol grip soon as well:
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