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  1. hkssr20det

    Glock Picture Thread

    KSC Glock 19 Deep Blue PDI 6.01mm Tight Bore Airsoft Surgeon Floating Valve KM Stainless Guide Rod King Arms Recoil Spring PGC Hi Flow Valve Dytac Night Sights Vickers Tactical / TangoDown Mag Catch (RS) CAT Laser (RS)
  2. hkssr20det

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Actually haven't dropped pics here yet:
  3. hkssr20det

    SIG Picture Thread

    Client build, interim look. I like this better than the Bauer look:
  4. hkssr20det

    More parts, more problems.

    More parts came in for various projects. First up is the Vickers Tactical mag catch for KSC Glocks. Made by TangoDown the things i pretty much indestructible. Easy drop in fitment (unlike some airsoft pieces) and it has a nice beveled pad which just feels better, as well as a slight extension to aid in actuation. Pretty cheap too ($15). Stock: Vickers Tactical: I still have a two-tone BoomArms Schuey slide for this sucker but I am far too lazy to actually get around to fitting it. The stupid legs on the outer barrel are way out of spec, and the slide to barrel fit is so tight you need to remove the BBU to fit the barrel in. Too much work, but I will get around to it sometime, sooner or later that it. Lots of new Western Arms pieces are showing up as well. First up is the RS Larue Tactical / Troy rear folding sight. Set to A2 specs, it is a great rear sight, often the one that all others are compared to. Easy installation, it drop right onto the rear rail of the WA. In truth it fits a bit tightly when folded down, but nothing worry about, and I will be swapping to a metal receiver when they become available. Very, very nice piece (especially with the free gift) and with a lifetime warranty, it is worth the rather significant price. Up: Folded: The other piece that arrived today was the VLTOR Low Profile Gas Block. With the new rail system I have coming in, I couldn't keep the stock front sight / gas block. This is a very nice piece which should fit comfortably underneath the rail. Hopefully the remaining pin pass through in the barrel won't be too noticable since this piece is about half as long. I don't think it looks too bad, but unfortunately the fake gas tube doesn't fit into the real steel piece. Ah well I will either buy a new one in RS or figure something out. I am probably going to go RS so I can use a mid-length gas tube and push the gas block out some. Right now it is still set up for a carbine length. I will probably buy two so I can also use a mid-length position on my other gun. Speaking of the other gun, man I am at a loss as to what to do. I keep seeing Daniel Defense rails popping up now, and I am loathe to do what other people are doing unless I really need to. I might go 9" Omega, but that is still close to what everyone else is using. I might just go Larue and be done with it, but I have time yet. I still need to buy the stock for for this gun and at least a new pistol grip for the new gun. Man these WAs are a pile of money if you choose to go real steel. The next gun is going to rock a Larue Iron Dot with a Burris Fastfire. I think that is going to be amazing. Too many options out there, far too many.
  5. hkssr20det

    Client Projects

    Work I have done for others.
  6. hkssr20det

    Pinnacle Airsoft

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Pinnacle Airsoft's website is now open for business. Pinnacle Airsoft Check it out, they went all out to try and provide a high quality website to match their walk in store. Currently they are closed for the week: Monday June 30 - Sunday July 6th Any orders placed on those days will be filled when they return on Monday July 7th on a first come, first serve basis. Since many of you haven't been able to head down and check it out I snapped a few pictures for you: Inside: Gear Wall Gun Wall Tunnel Cases Stop by and check it out. Paul, Chris and Ernie are always happy to answer questions and talk about what is available. I am there on weekends (Saturday 11 - 7; Sunday 12 - 5) for all of your pistol needs. Pinnacle Airsoft Inc.™ 1207 Arroyo Way Walnut Creek, CA 94596 (925) 465-2118 (925) 465-2126 fax
  7. So I have continued to stipple pretty regularly. Tried my hand at a Glock grip, looks OK, but could be better. KWA G26C Grip: I also have a new client build in the process of arriving. Built from a Dual Tone Hi Capa 4.3, I am excited to see how it turns out. He is going to run an Airsoft Surgeon slide (which is very nice, high quality, and build) and full internals. Actually a very nice build in the end even though it was pitched as a "light" build. Lucky for him he could pick up an upgraded hammer mech from me at dirt cheap. Binning the stock bits, so the gun should shoot rather nicely. Only thing really missing would be a few detail pieces and an upgraded trigger. Since he hates the OPS trademarks, I stippled a grip up for him. I like the way it came out, but we shall see what he says. I used the big tip for the front strap and the MSH, and then used the smaller one for the sides. I think it came out nicely and does look a bit different than the last set. I also fit the PDI tight bore to my WA M4 and man is it a cannon now. On a Madbull Chrono (with my leaking mag, idiot WA mags) it was shooting 370+ all afternoon. I think it will do a steady 375 when I fix the magazine. Accuracy is still good, and out to over 120 feet it was still packing a punch. Finally swapped out the Troy flash hider for the correct SR-16 one, but since the suppressor is G&P, but the flash hider is KM, there is still a little bit of play. Nothing too bad, and certainly nothing to worry about. I wish the PDI was just a bit longer, it stops half way through the flash hider. If they had run it out to 400mm I bet it would clear 500 fps.
  8. hkssr20det

    Glock Picture Thread

    Carbon Fiber vinyl perchance?
  9. hkssr20det

    SIG Picture Thread

    Sort of a Herring Bone look:
  10. hkssr20det

    WA M4 CQBR - Finally arrived.

    The really good news for me is that my WA M4 finally showed up and I must say it is amazing. I love the sheit out of it. I know there has been a lot of talk about the weakness's with the internals, and I know it isn't a skirmish ready gun out of the box, but I never expected it to be so I am happy. The recoil action and sound are more than I imagined and put a smile on my face time and time again. Mine probably has less than 1K rounds through it, but other than the ejection port latch falling off (baffling me, but ah well I will buy a RS one) mine has been rock solid. I do baby it, hand lower the bolt once it locks (often I just disable it altogether) and my hop up looks just fine. Just a few upgrades so far, but plenty in the mail and planned. For now it has a RS MIAD Grip, KM Troy style flash hider, and a modified G&P Knights M4QD Suppressor. Looks pretty good, but there is plenty more to go. 1 - 378.7 2 - 373.0 3 - 376.6 4 - 377.9 5 - 375.6 6 - 376.8 7 - 376.2 8 - 373.4 9 - 375.8 10 - 373.4 Avg: 375.74 RPM: 833 RPM or 14 RPS Arriving tomorrow should be: KM SR16 Flash Hider (so the idiot suppressor will stop rotating) Airsoft Surgeon Buffer and 140% Spring PDI 6.01mm Tight Bore (368mm) Still waiting to hear back from RA Tech, but I should have a CNC hop up unit soon so I won't be worried about the hop breaking, and if I can get paid for my AK74M, some nice RS furniture will be going on. In all it is going to break $1K far faster than I would like, but hey I am buying what I want so be it.
  11. hkssr20det

    Stippling and Customer Builds

    Man it has been a very long time since I have written anything in this thing. While it seems like not much has happened I have been steadily toiling away at this thing we call airsoft and I have made some steps forward I do believe. First up has to be the fact that I finally broke out of my laziness and broke out the Dremel Soddering Iron and actually tried my hand at some stippling. First try was a little shaky, but in the end I think it came out decently. It actually looks much better on the gun than in the open. The chisel shaped tool is pretty hard to be consistent with. Once I swapped over to the rounded tip, and tried my hand at the golf ball style I think I got better results. P226 Grips: Fit: I'm not so sure about the golf ball style on the P226 grips, though on the gun I think they actually look pretty decent. Actually both sets are much more professional looking once installed. The best set I think are the random sized golf ball style grips I made for my Hi Capa. I am very happy with both the look and feel of them. Fit: In other news some more client work has started rolling in. I have two Hi Cap projects coming down the pike. First up is a pretty light build for a customer in Santa Cruz (I think) which is just a quick slide install and tune. Should be pretty good, but since he is running a Guarder slide I am so hopeful it is going to be as amazing as I would like. The second project is a Dual Tone 4.3 that I am very excited about. First up I get to try my hand at an Airsoft Surgeon / MMC slide, my first. I have meant to find out the quality of these for awhile now, and I am actually getting paid for testing this one out. Very nice. Good solid build, full internals, full hammer mechanism upgrade and on top of that I am going to golf ball stipple the grip. Might be my signature little move from now on, but we shall see. The time investment in it is so much, once I have it down to a science it is going to be expensive.
  12. hkssr20det

    SIG Picture Thread

    Been monkeying around with a soddering iron and some spare grips: Golf Ball: Striped:
  13. hkssr20det

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    WA M4
  14. hkssr20det

    Glock Picture Thread

    MGC Glock 17 Seidler Custom
  15. hkssr20det

    Glock Picture Thread

    KSC Glock 19 Deep Blue

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