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Sequel To The Prequel

Chris North


Can't believe it's been a whole month already. The shortest month in the year, but still several weeks...


I've not done everything I wanted as far as fun airsoft stuff goes, but I made a little headway with my planned projects (and a little with some unplanned ones, too).


I did buy and install the quite nice CA MP5SD front assembly, and I'm pretty glad I did. The gun is far from quiet as far as suppressed AEGs go (in fact less quiet even than with the standard end and a KA suppressor), but the grip is much more comfortable and the whole thing looks very nice as is. It would figure that the day I get the money to buy an SEF lower receiver I saw on eBay both were sold to other people. Nearly 3 weeks with absolutely no apparent interest, then bam, they're both gone. It's pretty comical. :P I've not been able to track another one down with a similar price, and along with my lack of funds yet again I think this is going to have to be put on the back burner for a while. The current N group isn't too bad though, it's mostly that the selector comes down too low when in full auto for my liking and presses up on my index finger. Although, last time I tried an SEF the selector hit my thumb in FA. I do like the look of the old-school SEF better, which is another main reason for getting it. At this point it would probably be better and cheaper to just sell the JG I have and buy a CA, but that's not as fun.


Since I ended up with a spare front end I decided to go along with sticking it on an old well that I had. I also bought a solid stock to try it out, but I didn't like the feel or the look as much, so I ended up sticking that on the stockless Well too. For a pretty old and supposedly crappy gun, it actually fires quite well and has held up for a long time. Like I think I mentioned in my previous entry, I wanted to keep it for a backup or loaner AEG, but I decided that some other upgrade parts would be better than another AEG so I sold it. It probably wouldn't have been a bad idea to keep the extra parts I put on it, but I'm almost sure that the state it would be in would make it hard to sell for anything more than $5.


Got a picture of both, with the Well sporting an ACOG just for the hell of it:




The ACOG I actually got in a trade, but I'm not too impressed with it. I was originally going to put it on my WE M4, but of course while waiting for it and the specialty Krytox lube I accidentally lost the very necessary hop up parts so it now does not fire BBs. :rolleyes: I think I might even sell the 'COG, even though it took a long time to get to me and it was something that I was pretty excited about.


The Krytox I was waiting for on the other hand is every bit as good as I thought it would be. The grease itself is a perfect consistency for most GBB applications, and as very slick. I'd describe it as frictionless, but that's stretching it a bit. The right amount on O-rings, inside of cylinders, on floating valves, and on the inside of the WE's bolt carrier does make everything operate tons better, even without cold temperatures. Just to try I also stuck my newly lubed WA 1911 and magazine in the freezer for 10 minutes then pulled it out and rapid-fired through half a mag (about 8-9 rounds), with zero catastrophic failures. Performance wasn't that great of course, but considering the slide locked back on the last round I think I could say I'm sold on the "it works" part. I also notice a bit better performance with my WE, too. All of its advantages do come at a hefty price (about $20 an ounce!), but since I didn't have to pay for it and a little bit goes a long way I'm pretty darn happy.



Since I couldn't get my SEF lower I bought a threaded barrel for my WA, or so I thought at least. It turns out it was actually just a CCW adapter for the threaded barrel, which wasn't included like I thought. Basically the mix-up occurred because the site I ordered from is Japanese, and although it was in English, as expected the people that wrote the description probably don't use English for much more other than their job. So basically the page with the threaded barrel read "This is the CW attachment. If you want CCW buy [link] this one [/link]." Naturally I thought it was the same thing just with a CCW screw because I didn't bother to closely read the description. I was a bit confused when I finally got the package, but the $25 shipped threaded barrel for a WA part finally made sense.


So right now I have a $25 aluminium screw thing with absolutely zero use. I don't have the $50 to spare for the actual barrel either, and honestly I don't think I would get it even if I did. I may be stupid enough to spend hundreds of dollars on plastic ball shooting (on a good day, when they work) toys that I rarely use, but $75+ on an aluminium threaded barrel for my toy suppressor is way beyond me. I did ask my pop about it, and he said he'll see what he can do about tapping the inside of my steel guarder barrel for me. Maybe not a total loss after all. If he can do it, it'll actually probably be better than the ally one that would cost me $50.



Besides that, I've not done much to my own stuff. My WE is, as mentioned, not working and won't be for at least another few weeks (until I can get the replacement parts), so I obviously haven't invested anything besides the lube into that. I'm pretty sure I might skip the whole "faux16" thing, since I'd much rather convert it into a full-length M16. A guy that had posted his converted rifle that he deigned and had machined, Coco, was kind enough to share his plans with me. He said he would be willing to have one made for me, but it would cost more than I would be willing to spend, especially after the other necessary (in my eyes) items that I would need, like handguards, a new inner barrel, and a solid stock. It's still something that I'm considering, but honestly I don't think it will ever come to fruition.


I also removed the ugly (and as I discovered, stupid) rail and RDS off of my M3 shotty. My eyes don't focus well with any of the RDSes I've tried, and they generally just seem to be more of a hindrance overall than anything. Besides, it looks much more badass without it:





One other thing I managed to do that was pretty selfless was to fix up my brother's TM M4 (Which I also bought for him after he was scammed. Am I the best sibling of the year or what?). Basically the only thing that was really wrong with it originally was the 3,658 piece barrel that Marui used stock that wobbled like crazy. I bought a Dboys outer, but as luck would have it it's different specifications than Marui's, and among other things the handguard was about .5 inch too short. Easily solved by buying a new handguard, right? Of course not. The Dboys handguard just happened to be real-spec, and so wouldn't work with Marui's delta ring assembly and little front circle thingy. So of course the new barrel nut I bought had slightly different threads, and took about an hour of filing and force-threading to get on and stable. After that it did go together pretty nicely, and the barrel is rock-solid. In addition I redid the handguard wiring, which was excessively bulky in my opinion. I removed the fuse and its panel, and rewired it to Deans. I also fixed a second-hand EOtech that he bought, which had a stripped mount nut. Basically all I did was grind a nut and super glued it behind the it behind the standard nut (which also clamped the sight to the rail) so it wouldn't fall off during installation.




With all the airsoft and other work I've been doing, my hands (and especially knuckles) have been shredded from slipped wrenches and other tools. I get asked who I beat occasionally. :D




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