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  1. I love UAC for me they are fastly becoming one of the best manufacturers of upgrade and aftermarket part, hope they start to bring out many more too.
  2. my pistol accessories prize giveaway video is now on youtube, good luck everyone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9TSHXoljqo

  3. Hello Everyone, A BIG Thank you for helping me reach 2k subscribers, i am very grateful for all your support.. As a thank you i am doing this little prize giveaway, in this FREE to enter prize giveaway competition, 1 winner will get a pistol universal tactical rail mount and a mini red dot sight, i have done a full review on the mini red dot sight so you can see it in more detail on my review video, i have also reviewed a pistol universal tactical rail mount, but the one that i am giving away in this video is much better, I will leave links to both review videos.. Universal pistol rail mount
  4. Hi all, just over a week ago i finally got round to restoring My scar L suppressor, i took the camo paint off the suppressor tube but left it on the QD fitting, i think it looks awesome like this and really suits the rifle.. The top section on the picture was how it looked before and bottom is how it looks now. Here are some progress pictures.. I used Dail paint remover to remove the camo paint then i used some RS silicone Oil to bring back the nice black finish on the suppressor tube.. Im liking how this looks now, it really suits the tan and black finish look i have gone for on
  5. My Pistol Accessories Giveaway is coming very soon.a>

  6. Hello everyone, this is my full review and opinion on one of the low budget tactical mini red dot sights i have been testing and using lately. which i must say works quite well for a cheap sight, the video also includes some details, but read the description for them too.. Do i recommend one of these cheap mini red dot pistol sight? if you are on a low budget and need a sight or you just cant justify spending double or triple the amount of money on a sight, yes i do recommend get one of these, they are cheap but work pretty well.. I will also be giving one of these mini red dot sights away a
  7. Hello everyone, this is just a quick video, a preview video if you like of me testing one of the low budget tactical mini red dot pistol sights, which i must say worked quite well for a cheap sight, the test video also includes some details, The full review on this sight is coming soon. I will also be giving on of these mini red dot sights away along with a universal pistol rail mount very soon, so keep an eye out for that as well.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wppXMoh7QTc Happy Shooting All.. ATB, Marc..
  8. My latest video on my WE Scar L gbbr https://youtu.be/uwFrCR-CI64

  9. Hi batmause,thanks for the fast and helpful reply.. Hmm thanks for the info, I will try not to let the Lower receiver still being able to break on the new versions stop me buying it, as you probably know it's either going to be the G5 or the WE scar H gbbr that I buy, both have good and bad points but I think I can do more with the G5. I have about 5 months before I buy one anyway so I'm hoping to test both before I buy.. I am a subscriber to you channel and I must say I think you deserve more subscribers then you have,, would it be possible for you to add subtitles to more of the vi
  10. Thanks for your video.. Haha to be honest though if I saw that video before seeing other people's views and experience with the G5 the many issues and small issues you show would have put me off buying one and stopped me wanting one.. But I'm going to try not to let the video put me off When you lower receiver was cracking did you have the 1st Gen or 2nd reinforced gen? Also on the upgrade CNC aluminum bolt carrier, as its much lighter, how much does it lower the strength of the recoil? Strong recoil was a lot of the appeal to me for this gun, if it turns the recoil weak I don't thin
  11. This thread was awesome really enjoyed reading it from start to finish, it's answered basically everything for me for now.. Can't wait to buy the G5 myself, I best get saving. ATB, Marc
  12. Hello Everyone, Here is my review and test video on the trustfire P10 320 lumen tactical pistol light. In this video i give you a close up look and i talk about the quality of the tactical gun light, i fit the light on two of my pistols to show you how quick and easy it is to fit and how well it looks. I also take the light outside to test in the dark, i test the light beam at a short distance or around 35 feet, and i test the light beam at a long range distance or about 45-50 yards, It performs really well.. As always i give my opinion on the gun light and give some pro's and con's.. At aroun
  13. Hello mate, thank you.. yeah i can see why these could be a bit of a pain on the skorpion AEP. aweson looking gun that buy the way.. On these standard pistols though they work quite a treat. Happy shooting.. ATB, Marc..
  14. Universal Pistol Rail Mount for airsoft pistols, airguns and real steel firearms. Awesome pistol accessory rail mount. Hello everyone, this is a review on a bargain universal rail mount for pistols, in this video i talk about the price and quality of the rail and show you how easy it is to fit on a pistol, i also show you the rail on a firing pistol and just talk about the rail and my opinion on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeaPv8NgD5o It's an easy and inexpensive way to mount a Red Dot Sight or Scope on most handguns with a tactical rail on the frame. Happy Shooting All.. AT
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