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  1. Reppyboyo

    WE G3

    Aye, fully expected it to almost be matching the vfc. Would love to see a we vs vfc comparison.
  2. Reppyboyo

    WE G3

    390 oof, must wait for reviews....
  3. Reppyboyo

    WE G3

    Ouch, would of thought we would have been a far whack cheaper. Is it worth the price over the vfc is the next big question I guess.
  4. Reppyboyo

    9mm AR GBBR’s?

    Came across the UDP-9 not long ago and gotta admit, I would buy a GBBR version. Looks cool as tits to me.
  5. Reppyboyo

    MODIFY PP-2000 GBB

    Aye, ill wait and see the final product.
  6. Reppyboyo

    APS CAM 870-T Shell eject shotgun

    Still here and drop to 380
  7. Reppyboyo

    APS CAM 870-T Shell eject shotgun

    Bump, still here.
  8. Reppyboyo

    MODIFY PP-2000 GBB

  9. Reppyboyo

    LCT EBB prototypes - MP5, SCAR H, M16, G3, CQBR

    Both the mp5 and g3 look great. Might even drag me away from GBBR's.
  10. Up for sale is my APS CAM 870-T. This is the tactical version which has the M4 stock adaptor & stock, keymod frontend and 16″ breacher barrel already installed. Also installed is a PPS shell catcher & a cordura shell holder on the side. Also Includes: 27 shells (a couple of which the valves are stuck but this is an easy fix) Original shell catcher APS CO2 tank fill adapter original fill adapter for co2 bulbs Paper hold punch for making your own wads 300gsm paper for making your own wads. Spare pins, grease & manuals. Everything you need to skirmish out of the box except gas. It is in very good general condition with some wear marks as you would expect. Would prefer to sell as one big package but will consider splits if there is no interest. Would also prefer collection due to the size and weight of it all but I can arrange postage for extra cost. Sensible offers are welcome. £400ono
  11. Reppyboyo

    Umarex/VFC G3 GBB (first look)

    Same, it's getting harder to resist. Where did you get the adjustable valve BTW?
  12. Reppyboyo

    Umarex/VFC G3 GBB (first look)

    Gonna prod you again 😜
  13. Reppyboyo

    Umarex/VFC G3 GBB (first look)

    It would be nice to see some internals shots if at all possible. I'll admit im tempted by the VFC.
  14. Reppyboyo

    Umarex/VFC G3 GBB (first look)

    Hows this holding up?
  15. Reppyboyo

    E&L - QBZ-95

    Used to love my Type-97B, do wish Real Sword followed through with the other types and their M4's though 😕 I would love to see a GBBR version.

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