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  1. The TM fits in the Blackhawk Serpa for M&P perfectly and all my Glock holsters except the leather one so there must only be a small difference? Curlyboy
  2. That looks awesome just got my TM Glock 22 tempted to Gen 4. Can you swap the TM guts into a WE as the slide says Gen 4? Curlyboy
  3. Thanks guys I have gone for the bottom one, I was going either black or tan alias but thought I would mix them up a bit. Curlyboy
  4. Top or bottom which looks better (if any?) Curlyboy
  5. Airsoft zone has them, think I will stick to my 17 though. http://airsoftzone.co.uk/tokyo-marui/g34-pistol-gbb-tokyo-marui?limit=100 Curlyboy
  6. I also have the Serpa CQC holster for the M&P as well and that fits lovely with nothing to mark it. It is down to personal preference on holsters but the Serpa is very secure and for me that's what I want. Curlyboy
  7. I hair dryer modded my Glock 17 Serpa to take a TM Glock and as a bonus the M&P fits perfectly and there is no wear on the slide to speak of yet but in a year or so not sure will report if it does. Curlyboy
  8. See the link below granted the pictures look photo shopped but they have no trades same with the ones at fire support that also say no trades. Just seems odd that all the other TM range is traded but these are not, not sure if it is the whole umarex trades ball of wax thing again as the HK45 seemed un effected though it is not in stock in most places and fire support no longer lists it?? http://airsoftzone.co.uk/tokyo-marui/usg-compact-pistol-gbb-tokyo-marui?page=2&limit=100 Curlyboy
  9. Does anyone know of a UK supplier that has traded USPc as everywhere seem to only sell un traded ones?? Seems strange as trades on all other TM guns are normal. Curlyboy
  10. I always run the mags 1 round down, the nozzle is fine it seems like a cycling issue I don't know, I have 4 other mags and they fire perfectly it is just this one mag, I have cleaned the spring follower and the lips are fine and the pins are all in but it is frustrating there is no solution I can see!! Curlyboy
  11. Has anyone else had problems with mags? I wrote a few pages back about one mag not cycling leaving a round stuck under the nozzle I have 5 mags and this only happens with 1 mag? I have compared the mag with the others and they are the same which leaves me with almost a duff mag! Anyone have any ideas as I cleaned it and lubed it as suggested before but it is a mystery? Curlyboy
  12. From the left HK3P gen 4 glock 17, TM gen 3 glock 17 & KSC gen 3 glock 17, yes I have too many 17's maybe. Curlyboy
  13. Note that fire support in the UK finally has some but they are un trademarked? I thought all TM pistols had trades or is this another someone has the trades rights and does not want to be sued? Disappointing though maybe other suppliers will get traded ones in? Curlyboy
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