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  1. This is a clone of an eotech FTS magnifier. It includes the base of course which flips with one small catch. The magnifier itself can be removed from the mount with the QD lever so you don’t need any tools to lighten the load when the magnifier isn’t needed. The magnifier looks like it had a bit of a mishap during manufacturing as you can see what I assume to be an O-ring that’s not been placed properly in its groove so it crosses the lenses inside at about 45deg. It still works but it is more for looks than function. I’ve tried to show the problem in the photos but it is sold as seen and the defect is reflected in the price. £28 posted
  2. Very good condition; used a few times but not battered. Complete with surefire trades. It has the element gear sector clone ris rail offset mount and I’m sure I can find the original direct to rail mount somewhere too. Includes the pressure switch obviously too. Looking for £28 posted OVNO
  3. Philbucknall

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    My little family of M4’s as it stands today. The top is a TM MWS and the bottom three are all ERG’s.
  4. Mayflower chest rig SOLD DBAL 2 SOLD BCM pistol grip SOLD GATE MERF SOLD WARRIOR radio pouch SOLD
  5. Quite a lot to shift here so I’ll get straight to it! mayflower/velocity systems M4 UW mk4 multicam chest rig hardly used and in excellent condition. Can hold a surprising amount of kit besides four M4 mags. It will also mount any plate carrier that has swift clips on its front. A very versatile little chest rig. £100 ono GATE MERF 3.2 plug and play mosfet. Can also be hard wired if so desired. Bought for a review and not used since. £25 Ono Clone magpul CTR stock in black £15 ono Element DBAL 2 in black. Has a bloody bright illuminator and a good laser. All the controls work and it can be switched on without a pressure switch. It has a quick detach lever for mounting to RIS rails. Full disclosure though; the threads on the battery compartment are and mostly gone. I have tried to remedy it with some success so it doesn’t work free all the time but it isn’t overly secure and is not a permanent fix by any means and this is reflected in the price. If you get it to work 100% then you’ve bagged yourself a bargain; if not then I’m afraid it’s sold as seen but you won’t have lost a fortune. £15 ono Warrior Assault Systems gen 1 MBITR radio pouch in genuine multicam £15 ono Magpul/PTS polymer handguard for M4 9” in length if I recall. Black colour £15 ono Magpul rail mounted sling point £8 ono BCM Gunfighter AEG pistol grip with motor cage to accommodate the steeper angle £8 ono QD 30mm single piece scope mount with RIS pieces on scope rings. £12 ono Lead Farmer Inc Kydex holster for Springfield XDM or XDM compact. Belt mounted and very low profile/comfortable to use and wear. £25 ono KWA SOCOM style crane stock off an ERG. Never used as I swapped it straight out for a PTS one £18 ono KWA A2 pistol grips for AEG with metal heatsink bases. No screws for mounting to gearbox however £6 each or both for £10 If you want photos of any item then please ask and I’ll do my best to accommodate! The upload limit is too small for the size and number of photos I’ve got for the items postage not included but will only be at cost. Reduced shipping for multiple purchases
  6. Philbucknall

    SIG Picture Thread

    Nothing really special but my latest pistol. A TM SIG P226E2. Lovely little gun and it continues my TM love in when it comes to GBB pistols. Mused to have a P226 but found it a bit bulky. The new grip profile fits me perfectly though.
  7. Philbucknall

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    My little family of M4’s. All of them are ERG’s
  8. Philbucknall

    Pictures of your Plate Carriers

    Here’s my warrior DCS plate carrier with trident training plates to add some rigidity to it.all the pouches and the holster are also warrior bar the hanger pouch and utility pouch. Works really well and distributes the weight perfectly and isn’t too bulky or restrictive either. It’s my go to rig now unless it’s really warm!
  9. Philbucknall

    Beretta Picture Thread

    My only beretta is the new TM M9. Bit of 80's-90's retro
  10. Philbucknall

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    It's been a while since I posted on forums but here's my three M4's the top and bottom ones are ERG's and the middle is a TM MWS
  11. Philbucknall

    DAS M4A1 BY GBLS Korea

    As it stands I think I'll stick with my TM MWS and ERG's for now. Especially as all added together the three cost less than one of these including all the accessories I bought for them!!
  12. Philbucknall

    New Tokyo Marui USPc

    Well. I didn't get to use it last weekend like I hoped but I Used it yesterday and it was an excellent little pistol. Used it on nuprol red gas and the kick was lovely and snappy and range was good too with blaster .25g BB's. Very very happy with it. In combination with the Kydex holster I made for it, it was my go to sidearm for the day and will be for the next few games I think.
  13. Philbucknall

    New Tokyo Marui USPc

    Got my spare mags today ready for a game tomorrow and now I can't make it! So first chance to try the USPc out in anger gone.
  14. I got it to 124cm at its shortest.

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