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  1. bean

    KJW M4

    The little spring attached to the valve knocker on my gun seems to have possibly ate it. I say this because its always forward and the hammer hits it but cant make the mag release gas. Has anyone else had this issue? The bolt also sometimes get hung up there so I am assume the spring is pushing on the bolt catch pushing it up into the bolt as it attempts to slide forward.
  2. S-Thunder Composite Grenade Launcher Short Barrel. I have always wanted to have a handheld grenade launcher. Even if most of them are based on fantasy looks it just seemed like a fun thing to play with. The other reason I wanted one is I have three m203 grenades and don't have a launcher mounted on my gun. Pros -Competitively priced -Durable plastic body -Very little pressure required to fire grenade using CO2 -Compact Cons -Safety sticks on occasion -Seam line for two halves of body is kind of sharp and noticeable in areas Function The grenade launcher doesn't have a
  3. It holds my 15.4 acer just fine so you should be good
  4. I just order them through the forces order program since its the cheapest I have found.
  5. One of the two top clam shell pockets holding my cell in the front and Zune in the back The large organizing pocket showing what my Shot Show load out will be The innards of the bag showing my laptop and a book in the shock cord closed pouch The reverse of the lid showing the three pouches
  6. 5.11 Rush 24 Pack So in my never ending search for a backpack that meets a certain set of needs and this time it was a schoolbag that won't fall apart. I am no longer going to school but sometimes need to drag my laptop pens and paper for work. I sat looking through tactical bags and it finally came down between this bag and the Tactical Tailor Enhanced Day Pack. I ended up picking this bag for the many organizers built into the pack and the fact that it holds a bit more. One of my pet peeves for a day pack is not being able to grab something I need when I need it. I hate fishing aro
  7. nope I ran the belt through the large open end. A carabiner can be attached to the fabric side to do the same thing I just didn't have one on hand.
  8. Glad you like yours. They make great winter jackets.
  9. I typically don't post where I got it from since I don't want to favor one retailer over another. However Redwolf does carry every Pantac item as far as I know. http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...il?prodID=27715 $84 USD
  10. Dont worry with Christmas break comes many many more reviews.
  11. Thank you and yes they are very widely used. I would love to review the clones against them but am to cheap to pay for them lol. A lot of magazine ads for real steel companies have these gloves in them too.
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