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  1. Donut


    I think there's just not many people with it, plus it's being overshadowed by the WE counterparts. There is a hopup, but it's fixed, apparently GHK wanted more stability and opted with a simple fixed hopup over an adjustable one with many parts. There is enough space for an adjustable hopup if they wanted to, maybe another company will make aftermarket ones? As far as upgrades go, that might be the only thing right now, when I got it there were no upgrades available. Though I don't think any upgrades are necessary right now, I've put over 30 mags through mine already and everything is s
  2. Donut


    The only problem I've had with mine is that the kick is too hard :/ The recoil rattles my barrel screw loose in a couple mags, I've since used locktite and fixed the problem. Other than that, I can't really complain, while people do whine about the fixed hopup, it is set well,you can use .2 with a little overhop, or use .25g for a straighter path. The range is decent, a little behind high quality aeg bucking/barrel of equal power, but considering it's a PDW I won't ask for much more. It is a blast to use in cqc or as a backup.
  3. Thanks for the Taiwanese spam on MSN, Fix your virus scanner. K sell me deagle nao? XD

  4. Felt like posting something Figured it'd be alright here, since it started out as an Atoz SVD VSS Vintorez WIP Almost done http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=188610
  5. Needs some 24k gold to fill in those grooves
  6. Donut


    I've got 4 GHK mags, all of them work perfectly. Two of them originally had issues staying in the mag well. The magazine shell wasn't giving enough grip to the mag catch, but a little prying with a flat screw driver and 3 seconds later it's all fixed.
  7. Donut

    KJW M4

    Just curious, what were the "small problems" with your hopup lever, as I'm still in the middle of fiddling with mine.
  8. Well, I opened up a KWA USP and my KSC CZ75, the hopups are different so no luck there. I'll see if I can get an upgrade or different one.
  9. What, the mags are great. My friend has 5 of them and all of them work perfectly.
  10. Donut


    It's basically corrected externals with updated internals.
  11. Donut


    I personally like GHK a lot better than WE, I had the choice, and after firing both, the GHK is definitely a cut higher in terms of recoil and noise, it kicks hard, and is also very LOUD. One thing I did notice when firing is that the gun like the spew gas out from the front when firing extended full auto, not much, but enough to make it look awesome, like the barrel's very heated. No news about the PDW mags yet, but I'd imagine they would come out with them later. Though I personally prefer STANAG mags.
  12. Hey, anyone know if KWA/KSC hopup's are universal? Like can I take a M9 PTP one and stick it in the CZ75?
  13. Donut

    KJW M4

    Yes, my bolt still moves, basically, if you have a slightly loose compression, you can get away without having a rubber band. My bolt blows back, re-chambers, fires, and everything. Though, My hopup doesn't like me anymore :/ I'll probably have to open it up and take a look, seems like the wheel isn't actually engaging the hopup arm.
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