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  1. Thanks for the Taiwanese spam on MSN, Fix your virus scanner. K sell me deagle nao? XD

  2. Needs some 24k gold to fill in those grooves
  3. Donut

    KJW M4

    Just curious, what were the "small problems" with your hopup lever, as I'm still in the middle of fiddling with mine.
  4. Donut

    KJW M4

    Yes, my bolt still moves, basically, if you have a slightly loose compression, you can get away without having a rubber band. My bolt blows back, re-chambers, fires, and everything. Though, My hopup doesn't like me anymore :/ I'll probably have to open it up and take a look, seems like the wheel isn't actually engaging the hopup arm.
  5. Donut

    KJW M4

    What, I'm confused :/ My gun's been without the rubber band since day 1, and it's been working fine great. Are we talking about the same rubber band? And yes, you can still get replacement parts. I don't know what kind of abuse you guys put your rifle through, but I really can't see catastrophic failure on the upper or lower without using it as a sledgehammer, or hitting it with one.
  6. Heh, you know it Trying to get some more mags and wood grips on them. They shoot wonderfully; the only problem I have with it is the 13rd capacity and the Euro-release, not exactly a great combination in CQC.
  7. Quick question to you ARMY MEU owners, does army have their own "Army airsoft" or "Made in China" trademarks like they do on their glocks?
  8. Donut

    KJW M4

    So, update. Apparently, it's not a problem with US retailers, but rather KJW as a whole. They are behind in magazine production, by about a year. Not just the M4, but all their guns. No idea on when it'll start back up again, so don't expect any mags to show up soon unfortunately. Sorry
  9. Donut

    KJW M4

    Ok, I lied, I under-estimated the conversion rates. It's actually closer to $45 per mag. 1500TWD=46.56900 U.S. dollars
  10. Donut

    KJW M4

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, if anyone wants mags, I'm in Taiwan right now and I can get them for you for about $40 each.
  11. No love for the P210? Q_Q I guess I'll just have to DOUBLE THE AWESOME It's honestly a beautiful piece of work. Notice anything missing? That's right, no seam lines. The quality Marushin puts into their pieces really shows here.
  12. Futas > Traps


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