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  1. HamletV

    Broken injection valve, help!

    Well, the diameter of the thread is 5mm, But the head (the wider part) is like 6mm, and that's a problem to me because the 6mm inject valve is out of stock, so that's is why Im asking if the size of the head doesn't matter. I look the nineball valve and it said is 5mm diameter thread But it didn't said nothing about the head, GM, and other brands doesn't give you any specs
  2. HamletV

    Broken injection valve, help!

    It's a TM clone (B&W)
  3. HamletV

    Glock Picture Thread

    Guys need help with this please https://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/218533-broken-injection-valve-help/
  4. Hi guys! My g17 magazine injection valve is broken, now I wanna replaced it by a steel one, But the head has two size and I don't know which one will work or it's doesn't matter the size if the head
  5. HamletV

    Glock Picture Thread

    THE GOLDEN ONE!!!! the A.S. outer barrel is actually made of brass? I want a gold barrel too But I haven't deside for one, the right titanium gold are much expencive and the cheap are so orange!... You are lucky to have that gold barrel!
  6. HamletV

    Glock Picture Thread

    Really cool!, what's in it?
  7. HamletV

    Revolver hop up

    Hi guys, I have the umarex ruger superhawk 6" and I want to make or buy a inner barrel with a hop up that works like the DW715 or something like that
  8. HamletV

    WE Cybergun Desert Eagle L6

    Moving to this thread, I'm quoting my self Maybe I only will purchase the l6 outer barrel for my weegle´╗┐, hoping that wont broke again
  9. HamletV

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    Maybe I only will purchase the l6 outer barrel for my weegle, hoping that wont broke again
  10. HamletV

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    Omg look: pre-order soon
  11. HamletV

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    Chopping the recoil springs by 20%? Maybe will help to protect the outer barrel from breaking, in my deagle happen that!. Did you find any issue with that mode so far?
  12. HamletV

    Glock Picture Thread

    I'm already doubting to buy the bell one, I'm more sure to buy the king arms glock: http://www.kingarms.com/product_detail.php?id=2809
  13. HamletV

    Glock Picture Thread

    I'm crying right now ! Lol yea, maybe i was a little anoying with my questions about double bell, But when I allways ask for one speciffic short question on a forum, I allways have like zero reply, and other guys ask for something, and some times like random stuff and they write an entire book as a reply!!... Damn....that's is why i put my comment on this thread, i think there's more chances to get a reply from a hot thread (even is a edad thread) then a new thread with a title like " bell glock need heelp!!", you guys would even not look the thread. Another example? I even ask a dealer about the color of the 5ku glock gold barrel, if is more orange or more like titanium gold, But... No response
  14. HamletV

    Glock Picture Thread

    Some other have being asking before about parts and brands, then, why only me i'm wrong?? Or you only want to shows off your g19X, and read "OH!! Your 19X are soo cool!! I'm so jealous!!! 77
  15. HamletV

    Glock Picture Thread

    I don't think so..

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