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  1. Has any user of this desert presented any issue or something?
  2. How many hps has this power tool? I need a drill for my concrete wall
  3. Can you swap some parts from the we to the real deagle?????
  4. I dont like that 10" barrel design, I love the original 10", I hope they come out with that barrel too
  5. It could blow the bb nozzle or maybe the slide,...But surely the outer barrel will get be damage
  6. They should know that the design with the materials used are not strong enough!, and with the new co2 magazine?...it will blow up!
  7. It doesn't worth it if you have the black one, it will exposed the silver... For my part, I have been trying to contact the manufacturers to create another outer/inner and hp chamber with a more efficient design and improve that great defect that ends up breaking, but nobody is interested apparently ...
  8. Guys, there's two new upgrades for the we deagle: A 10 inch barrel kit (biohazard) http://www.armorerworks.com/airsoft/kits/pistol-kits/10-de-conversion-kit-aluminium.html And a co2 magazine: http://www.armorerworks.com/airsoft/magazines/cybergun-desert-eagle-50ae-co2-magazine-black.html
  9. Any one has it?, I wanna know how are the internals (hammer assembly) it is compatible with glock internals?
  10. Well, I have made some stippling to the frame and some work on the trigger guard like the agency arms style, But more like a fake one because I don't want to file it down to much, But at least it's looking good so far I think! Xd
  11. Here is the vídeo that I'm talking about https://youtu.be/G82nrR6Cv08
  12. Im wondering if this gun will be sturdy enough to manage the full auto, or even the semi!, I saw a full disassembly vídeo and it has too many screws and.....I don't trust on the screws
  13. Any one has any issue with the outer barrel? I'm trying to some company make a steel outer barrel or something
  14. Youn guys spend a lot of money on your glocks and I have to struggle to get a simple outer barrel or something xD! Great photos anyways!!. Btw where do you found the g17 long slide?
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