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  1. Zereck


    So according to Hyperdouraku they are both MCX and MPX gbb prototypes and they only look like this because an issue with licensing. They also have some info on VFC's MP7 AEG. Motor stop on empty, mosfet, unique motor(but still tamiya connector, derp).
  2. Zereck


    I guess it's another AR style 9mm.
  3. Zereck


    It's weird. Grip, selector and trigger is different(placeholder?) but other than that the lower receiver looks like an MPX. The upper however is different at the front and the ejector. At first I thought it's just their participation to the 9mm AR craze.
  4. Zereck

    "New Wave" Small Rice 7 (MP7) Review

    Nah. I switched those out as soon as I got it.
  5. Zereck

    Marui news for the "TM Festival" next week

    They'll probably announce the para version of the Type-89 GBBR too.
  6. Zereck

    "New Wave" Small Rice 7 (MP7) Review

    Currently I have the issue of the gun freezing fast. You can feel the gun shooting weaker one-by-one until it just spews all the gas out. But when I checked the striker seem to work fine(the pin slightly came out but didn't seem to be bend) and the nozzle also had no visible problems. Rocket valve moves fine and the sealing is also ok, tough I changed the nozzle o-ring to a new 13.5x2 one(is that the right size?). Magazines are good too. I must be missing something. Oh also I found that for me the steel part 49# eats part of the bolt away causing it to eventually get stuck from deformation.
  7. Zereck

    "New Wave" Small Rice 7 (MP7) Review

    Yeah that was actually my problem. It is further escalated by the replacement parts from Kyairsoft. The new springs are much weaker and the new trigger bar actually doesn't have it's built in spring anymore. I can't release the hammer without somehow giving the spring more pressure.
  8. Zereck

    Umarex/VFC G3 GBB (first look)

    I assume like other recent VFC rifles this one also has a built-in FPS adjuster in the nozzle?
  9. Zereck

    WE All new G series products

    Im pretty sure the sizes are also different seeing how he shows off holstering the pistols easily(Maruis are wider and can't go into most Glock holsters).
  10. Eh at first I tought it might be the HK45CT but the rail doesn't start as soon as on the real one. Probably AEP.
  11. Zereck


    From what I seen I don't think it's possible without major modding. The bolt is longer than the real one due to the nozzle. The buffer could be shortened but that wouldn't be much.
  12. Zereck

    WE G3

    Any news on this? It seemed fine full auto aside. Tough VFCs wasn't released yet either.
  13. Zereck


    Customs here suck. I probably have to wait for weeks to get it.
  14. Zereck

    Tokyo Marui Hk USP F

    Turns out I didn't place in the nozzle spring end correctly and thus the nozzle couldn't go all out. I really hate putting small pieces in like that but now it works correctly. Thanks for the help anyway!
  15. Zereck

    Tokyo Marui Hk USP F

    Can't find the edit button... Ok so I figured that my problem was that I didn't switch the spring guide end with the Nova one. Now it cycles good with hand however when I shoot it the slide stucks in the back and the nozzle stucks all the way forward, I have to force the slide back. Strange as the nozzle has free movement when trying it with hand.

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