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  1. hi, i got you from the usp thread and see you have bought the nova slide kit. Could you please send me a photo of the back of the replica so that i can see how the slide fits on the frame? And is there wobble on the bbu? Maybe other things you noticed?

    Thanks for your time

  2. Funny thing is my first bolt stop broke in a month or so. I bought 2 WiiTech ones then and they couldn't last a few tries. I started modelling one and bought 2 WE ones until I was done. But first one lasted at least 2 years and I only installed 2nd one a few months ago. So I tought WE fixed or at least made the bolt stop stronger.
  3. Apparently it's ready for release but licensing issues with Umarex taking time.
  4. They are both non-blowback so I guess if you found their MK23 too big well then...
  5. Forgot to update but I found the issue and it was my fault. I misjudged how the gas release valve works on the magazine. I put a small teflon where the o-ring is and then put the rubber on thinking it would help sealing. Well it did in a way it restricted the gas flow to a point it made the gun unable to shoot and since I did it on most of my magazines I didn't think about it at first. Oh well. Also we found out that the propane we bought was something else as even Marui guns had cooldown issues by now. It's annoying that I didn't think about it sooner I needlesly tried to repair my WE M
  6. I don't know if anyone still lurks here, but remember how I had the issue with weaker recoil and low rof? Well it's gotten worse and I think I know the issue but not how to fix it. I have over time checked everthing on the gun nozzle, bolt, trigger assembly, innert gas tank. No leaks or anything broken. However I did notice that the inner tank barely holds any gas. If I shot the gun without magazine I could only get a few shots. Then I could get only one and the other was just psssh. Now even the one is weak. It's like gas doesn't flow inside the inner tank and causes rapid shots or
  7. W&S airsoft posted this mag shell model on their FB page: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4196145?fbclid=IwAR3ocOtxomtViNa94c2_Ub5HjmQ_dlK1pd8LrVS8ucuNZkBBcLqpJ8UhF5U
  8. Not sure if it deserves another thread but the VFC M18 is to be released around March(also their own red dot and plate adapter):
  9. WE did make tan L85s some time ago but I can only see the default one now. However kyairsoft(incidentally? ) is making cerakoted ones: https://www.kyairsoft.com/we-l85-tan-gbbr.html
  10. Not much info of it unfortunately, they've been promising this for a while now...
  11. There was also a PM9 tough only in mock-up.
  12. I played with it last weekend and it worked nicely except for one thing. 2 times that day after a magazine change my shots resulted ib gas clouds exiting at the end of the barrel and lost hop-up. At that point magazine change didn't fix it I had to readjust the hop, like I have lost FPS but it wasn't really cold(15 celsius). Weird. My ROF is still slow most of the time but sometimes it gets quicker? I noticed this after a bigger maintenance: https://imgur.com/a/IGSAXHS The auto-sear(?) was hitting the gas tank. Did this only happen to me?
  13. JK army been teasing a prototype a week or so.
  14. I don't know if they are the same but MOS Glocks were avaiable on Gunfire for a day or two under the name Raven and then they disappeared. Also Kyairsoft has WE Glocks with insertable markings for the frame like they did on their MP7s.
  15. The TM Micro is good but it's not compatible with RMR cuts. The screw placements are Docter sight like.
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