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    H&K Picture Thread

    I know you love gun porn. Its missing only CO2 Mags, which I consider drawing by myself as VFC is stubborn to let me throw money on them - and it is missing some RS supressor cover, so until than I will not annoy you with an ugly AceTech. Inside, all got replaced what you can buy as aftermarket part + some custom made parts + trigger got some mods to be better, but its not as crisp as a Glock Trigger. Outside: Well, all you can see is RealSteel. I am no US citizen and this picture was not made in the US, so everyone who knows what I am talking about : *happy* Spec List: - VFC VP9 - AST VP-9 Tactical Steel Slide - but the barrel needs to be of the Standard Version, or you will miss markings like me. - Crusader Steel Spring Rod - Crusader Steel Takedown Lever - Crusader Steel Extractor - MapleLeaf CrazyJet 6.04mm 97mm Barrel, only for NoSupressor Setup. Supressor Setup 125mm. - MapleLeaf I Key - not in use at the moment - all MapleLeaf Rubbers, testing 50° Deception at the moment - Maple Leaf 1911 HopUp Adjustment - AceTech LighterM - Surefire RDH-1 Holster - Safariland QLS-19+22L - SureFire X400VH-B-IRC + electrical tape for Protection - PHLstar ARC Enhanced Switches - Medium - Brügger & Thomet VP9 ACRO Mounting Plate - Aimpoint ACRO + electrical tape - Detonator Heinie Supressor Sights -> you still can not use them due to the ACRO, RS has the same issue... - AdvantageTacticalSights, but not mounted. - GearKeeper Retractor - AMG High Ouput Valve - AMG Anti Freeze Cylinder Bulb - Robin Hood Magazine Extensions, using 20BBs as RealCap CO2 Charger do not work with my stock hammer spring, but lets see if we replaced that. that went out again: - MapleLeaf I Key - Crusader Match Grade Trigger Mods: - stippling - tightly fitted outer barrel - trigger bar reinforcments against flexing, really works. Missing: 1. CO2!!! 2. CO2!!! 3. CO2!!! 4. Barrel with Markings, but just out of laziness to order 5. maybe MAG Spring Upgrade, as soon as the original sprinfs weeken 6. Supressor Cover + mounted Supressor = Noddle time. Fun: Pumping 200PSI HPA into her, so the recoil is to quick for the slide catch Total smth like 2-2.5k spend into this brick. Edit: fix broken pics. img_eggsif_8701473361734105285.jpg

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