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  1. I love digging out these littleknown retailers, cos im such a tight *albartroth* im always looking for a bargain! High p&p always puts me off.
  2. You should be sorry, keeping those hidden away....that's almost treason where I come from!!
  3. Thanks a bunch for the binatone radio review link in Newbie Discussion. I'm gonna get me some of those just as soon as I can persuade the other people on my team!

  4. Where did you get the Specter? Awesome gun..very cool detailing
  5. ICS Sportline MP5 SD...standard...nothing added..nothing taken away...
  6. It's perfect, nothing on it internally I need to change at the moment. Took a couple of hundred rounds to bed in properly but I get awesome range and accuracy out of it.
  7. My new SRC G36E, not sure what to do to it yet so leaving it as standard!
  8. I'm still fairly new in relative terms so i'll probably get through my "must buy everything" phase and settle down in a year or so!
  9. All depends on the useage though surely..If I was wearing a pair for work every day then absoluteIy I would pay more , for once or twice a month airsoft use and nothing else is it really worth it?
  10. Having an absolute ball at the moment buying all sorts of gear (being relatively new into the sport). After playing a couple of games with my new G36 was on the lookout for a decent scope at a decent price. Been hunting for a few weeks and was about to order the one I wanted from HK when I came acrossBullseye Country Sport They are an NI based company with a wide variety of gear, from the usual clothing through to camping, hunting and security stuff. They have an fantastic selection of scopes and sights, pretty much all in stock and extremely reasonably priced. Picked up a couple of decent
  11. Blimey - that'll do nicely then, i can barely undo velcro with my current ones, its like wearing mittens!
  12. Could do with some feedback on which has the better finger sensitivity - Oakleys or the Damascus? With my current knock off cheapos I always find I have to take my gloves off to do anything requiring any dexterity so going to invest in something better. Also with the Oakleys / others how are they size wise? do they come up big? small? cheers,
  13. Was struggling to find some G36 mid caps in stock in this country so after some research decided to try out my first HK retailer cobraairsoft - well to be fair they were the only ones that I could find on google that had what I wanted. Was a little aprehensive as didn't know what to expect customs and shipping wise. Found some King Arms mid caps, box of 5 - delivered worked out around £40 - again a better price than I could get in the UK. Placed my order on the 29th December via paypal - there was an issue with the payment, for some reason it came up with the payment but no basket detai
  14. Looking forward to my CYMA glock AEP! yay...

  15. Looking foward to his Cyma Glock AEP

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