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  1. I'd do your C if it was a fit lass...
  2. My STAR (M)G36, fully upgraded @ 328fps, C-Mag and full stock running on a 9.6v custom large battery
  3. My lovely FAMAS SV w/bipod and Walther 2x42 RDS
  4. Mine tends to loosen up after about 3 HiCaps due to the vibration caused when firing on full auto, so I stick some bluetack around it to add some shock absorbers! Worked a treat!
  5. THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MY GARDEN! Sorry, had to be said. Also, that looks rather nice.... how?
  6. Loving the silencer... maoam.... and ingenious way of mounting the rail... homemade kit rocks....
  7. That's what I'm tryin to do just now...
  8. Maoam.... homemade kit is the best!
  9. By the looks of it, M16 mags to fit mag well: on the pic of the full loud out the M16 mag has a mag clip hole on the front, and on the side on pic of the FAMAS, theres no mag release catch on the side like there would if the FAMAS had been modded especially to take the mags.
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