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  1. I like em. Especially for the price. The one handled being hack sawed just fine.
  2. Does anyone know if the CYMA MP5SD6 suppressor is hollow? I need a hollow suppressor to throw a tracer unit it and CYMA seems to be the only aftermarket one commonly floating around at retailers. The CA one on my gun is very not hollow.
  3. Nah. I couldn't find the full metal ones in the US so I settled. The full metal stock causes enough of a weight imbalance I can pump it one handed though.
  4. I need the long barrel folding stock version now.
  5. Haven't fielded it quite yet but I've had pretty good luck with CYMA AKs in the past.
  6. It's the Echo 1 AK-700 so just a rebranding of tbe above posted CYMA. The grip is a PTS US Palm grip.
  7. http://www.evike.com/products/30392/ I'm not sure I trust Evike's word. Is there any reason this shouldn't fit on a CYMA RPK? And can anyone confirm that its actually steel?
  8. Nah. I have worn everything else. Chest rig is where its at. Just need to meet the right one.
  9. Every chest rig? Not yet. And there's really no rational explanation to the madness. XD
  10. I just did some rough math and at least 57.
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