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  1. Well.... i'd like to mention that i know that (as an owner of Escort). But in specs we've discussed with Justin the target of the project of building this gun was 130-140ms with .2g BB - and it's pity this project needs to be moved forward which will take additional time and money.
  2. 2Happy.al I'll say 1PSI per shot. consumption is on par with Escort HK416. PS for me this gun is a good dissapointment - with open limits for 160ms with .2g for full-auto and 190ms .2g bb semi-only noone will want to change AEG to GBB if GBB performs worse than AEG. So i will stay the only one with it on the field.
  3. As i said - it's low for me - i was expecting 450-500FPS. For average skirmisher 400FPS is a almost all he'll need for all types of games (both woodland and CQB)
  4. I've made a shoot-out of this baby today. 1. hop-up works, but need some teflon-tape mod - even at full screw down i couldn't make BB's climb. 2. Rather dissapointing 108 m/s (355FPS) with 0,25g BB at 140PSI - which equals 400FPS with 0.2g BB - (i thought it'll be around 450FPS with 0.2g BB) 3. Recoil is good. 4. D-boy's issue - recoil makes pin which fixes forward assist button to fly away. Button tends to go after pin. Conclusion: "+" - can hit target 50 meters away. Has good recoil. Fully skirmishable out of the box. "-" - has "low" power 400FPS with 0.2g BB (I was ex
  5. Internals Internals are great. All steel and durable. They made with good quality - so 5+ for Justin for that. Main differences from the base SP: 1) Better outer barrel to reciever part. It's close copy of Escort HK416 2) Changeble hop-up. The hole for adjustment is at flat-top of the reciever 3) Steel nozzle 4) SP Steel valve, fitted thru spacer to compensate differences between SP reciever inner diameter (and SP valve outer diameter) and AEG reciever inner diameter 4) Steel CNC trigger group. It's fitted into part of AEG gearbox, used as a spacer - good technical solution. 5
  6. Into Hello world. After i've recieved Escort HK416 i decided that it's cool to have a GBB, but it's bad to wait for ages waitnig for Escort to make what i need. So the world send Justin to help . We've discussed the issue, I've provided him with pics, drawings and descriptions and he, with his experience in making SP GBB spare parts said - i can do that. Money wired, 3 weeks passed, and TA-DA - Justin said he's done his own first AEG to SP GBB conversion. The target was not to make 'cheap' SP GBB, but to make SP GBB with good internals, all mods which a man need to pla
  7. mine RA-tech hop-up CNC chamber also was shipped today )
  8. part 13 (spring in blowbackchamber) is in place. lube is ok... but rubber on magazine blocks blowback chamber from moving back been freezed a bit after 10-15 rapid shots - it's looks like spring 13 is loosened... I'm lost...
  9. Got an issue with mine: Shot been fired, bolt carrier travels back (and forward after it hits the shoulder) but blowback camber stays in place - and as the result no BB's reloaded.... Any ideas?
  10. tested mine today... filmed a hour of video - now time to edit. Temp was +9.5C... gun at this temperature is only 30-40 meter range. Semi only. Frezzes after 10-15 shots... But power is sitll stable for these 10-15 shots... 104-106 ms with 0.25g BB (Guarder grey ballon gas)
  11. measured mine yesterday... 100 ms with 0.28BB gas - grey guarder BB's - guarder room temp - 21C
  12. Well... Spended some time looking at the mags.... fitted marui mag into WA M4.... Think it's possible to convert WA M4 to external power and marui mags - the WA mag should be sacrificed to make upper part with valve and magazine lips, fixed permanently in the reciever. Gas route is from the side of reciever (yes - the hole...), gas supply can be putted inside M203, fixed on RIS. The idea - marui mag putted in place. it feeds the BB's direclty into upper part of WA mag (cutted on halfs of course) and thru the lips left from WA mag - to the hop chamber. Gas is taken fro
  13. Well, I've tried 0.28 Guarder from another package - they worked fine... so i assume that's the question of BB's Discovered strange issue - hop in two max positions (max "+" and max "-") works equally - BB's just drop. But in the middle of regulation range - it's possible to make flat 50-60meters trajectory with little climb at the end.
  14. I'd say it's a correct statement Yes. 2 parts. 1. hopup collar - brokes but (in mine case) it didn't affect range and groupings 2. plastic tiny bumber on bolt catch - yesm it's need to be changed. but it can be done later...
  15. Handguard is from XM at the bottom (sun project) Recoil spring is from it either. Tested it more - with such hard spring BB's jam. 1 good shot for 1 good jam -) But stiffer recoil spring (in the stock buffer tube) seems to make FPS higher - it's question of balance - because with spring from SP BB's a cracked apart in the entrance of hop-up (the hit is very strong)
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