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  1. Wupjak

    M14 Picture Thread

    That's the Alumahyde name, yes.
  2. Wupjak

    M14 Picture Thread

    For those interested in Alumahyde II, here's a link to Brownells' page with the different colors offered: http://www.brownells.com/aspx/NS/store/Pro...LUMA-HYDE~%20II
  3. Wupjak

    M14 Picture Thread

    flat dark earth
  4. Wupjak

    M14 Picture Thread

    Marui SOCOM with standard M14 flash hider, Mk4 replica of unknown Chicom manufacture (but it's got damned good glass in it), SpecterGear SOP with ERB. Not sure who was on the dye tanks or the packaging line the day my sling got packaged but uh, yeah, not really matching colors between the sling, the front mount and the buttstock mount. It does however hold the weapon, which is what actually matters. FDE is AlumahydeII. Shoots far.
  5. Sweet no comments. I fail at myspace/arnies friends. :(


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