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  1. Where's Titleist's Jack Bauer pic? Yaesu radio, Sig, mushroom cloud.
  2. Nice, thanks for the video. Price?
  3. Thank you for the compliment.
  4. I almost spit soda at the monitor just now. That's some funny stuff, 900 bucks US for a receiver for a toy gun...no matter how cool the gun might be, it ain't $900-for-an-aftermarket-receiver cool.
  5. Add 'remove grub screw at bottom-rear of sight tower'
  6. lefty-loosey (counterclockwise)
  7. Those designs have been around for what, 8 years? 6? Something like that. It'll get ironed out, I just don't like being the one that gets boned while these guys make their money and make 'new' versions that look like ###### with better internals. I know, don't be a first adopter if you don't like it. Well, sue me for complaining a bit. I put a bunch of effort into the review and I get to kvetch a bit if I want to. Okay, all better. I didn't really keep track of gas consumption. Gas use did not change in my book. I didn't do anything to recoil spring, etc., only barrel length.
  8. Good thing I bought the first generation model so that I could guinea pig their piece of ###### bolt stop and then they could QC it after the fact. Good job, Classic Army. I mean, WA. =/
  9. Finally made some time to document (photographically at least, I have yet to write the copy) the process of installing the RA Tech hop up unit. Very simple installation, nicer fit than the stock unit. My magazine is at a friend's house being drilled, tapped and fitted with an external QD fitting. When I get it back, I'll start testing. In the interim, I'll write up the copy and post the install guide and my observations. Review portion will have to wait obviously.
  10. Not AEG or Hi-Capa compatible. It is its own design. I don't own a WA pistol, but I've seen the barrels before and suspect that this will be similar to a pistol design.
  11. I'm not familiar with the DD or LaRue RAS units, but if they're not a barrel nut in and of themselves, the stock gun can accomodate real forearms with the addition of a simple spacer. See the first picture of my review (MRFS on there).
  12. You bought a broken gun that someone else couldn't be bothered to fix. All the answers to the questions you ask are found in this thread. I posted a fix many pages ago, as well as that that can be found on the forum indicated above. What kind? An AEG sling adaptor? If so...yeah, no, that won't work. My Midwest Industries buffer tube adapter works just fine. As for the RAS, that's been covered. Add a spacer between the outer barrel and the barrel nut to get it close enough to spec to work. I have a Samson rail on mine that fit with a 15 cent o-ring added to co
  13. Nice looking weapon. As you point out, that won't work. There is a series of roll pins and a fatter, solid pin that hold the baseplate and the front channel of the magazine in place. Make sure the gas is vented before you start removing roll pins. Ask me how I know.
  14. All, Been going through some personal ###### lately that has completely zapped ALL of my airsoft and tinkering time. RA were kind enough to send me a T&E unit and I will conduct a review as soon as things settle down. Apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience.
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