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  1. zeaken

    WE SCAR Review

    just replaced my part 66 with one of the steel ones from the warstore and now its working flawlesly again. I will be putting the gun through its paces at 32F (or close to 0C for you people and your fancy metric). it will be playing in freezing rain with 5 mags so if foul weather is to knock a gun offline this weekend shall be a good test for the scar.
  2. zeaken

    WWII Weapons Picture Thread

    I have a friend who does costom work building this for me, this it as its coming along... The initial mockup. The muzzle brake fresh off the lathe note that the cocking handle, dust cover, grip frame, and rear sight are all real steel parts! The grips and stock are being made out of cherry wood, it will have a side mounted electric drum magazine, the charging handle moves, and the barrel is going to be removeable on the side somewhat like the real steel. He is debating to put these into a limited production so if you think this might be something your interested in send me a pm, otherwise comment and be prepared for more pictures as he informed me it will be done in about a week!

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