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  1. i dont know if this old news or not but did you guys see the amd-65 thats coming out? http://www.dynamicstar.com.tw/product_show.php?id=348 http://www.lctairsoft.com/new_amd65.htm
  2. from what I hear, thats normal for the element silencers. Ive got 2 of em but never tried to fire with them on. some people say just enlarge the exit hole and it fixes the problem.
  3. Got my vfc ak105 and a pk-a, and a element 40rd high cap ak74 bakelite mag, also got a mad bull shell for the danmu launcher and it works great.
  4. I bought mine for $110 shipped, seen some other used ones sell for around $150-185. You can find new ones some times for about $200-250
  5. any gearbox internal pics of the aims or even the ak105. my 105 should be here next week and I want to do a few upgrades to it internally. Whats the weakest points of the internals?
  6. For the Danmu GP-30 owners out there Which shells work with it and which ones dont?
  7. I got mine off gunbroker.com http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=108532997
  8. i dont think the pk-a will fit an aksu, rear site looks like it would get in the way
  9. Glad you got the wood ok and were able to make it work out. turned out great. makes me want to get another set and do one myself.
  10. uh oh, looks like we got another Grim its looks like an rpk-74 to me. dont sweat the little stuff man. they dont make a proper rpk-74 gas block or reciever yet. before it used to be "thats not a proper rpk receiver, it doesnt have the reinforcements."
  11. got my new bayo and a vfc aims pistol grip
  12. you and me both man. thats the main thing thats keeping me away from cyma side folders.
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