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  1. crazy people have invented some great things though... i think ben franklen was tryin to commit suicide with the key on the kite but then he was like oh shi! i can get rich!!
  2. Spezz, the tmp is great!! id just never recomend using green gas in it if you dont mind buying 2 kinds of gas i say go for it
  3. full stock on a m733..... siiigh
  4. i forget who it is but i know someone makes wood stocks for like pdw's and things there almost a cherry wood color very nice stuff i saw someone put it on a gbb mp5k good stuff
  5. take off the word unit its an unnesisary word
  6. yuri nice glock 17 and i noticed the hl2 manual i got it too wat an awesome game! as for your silencer on your tmp eek silncers make me gag lol but hey its a nice blued steel silencer so if u dig silencers thats the sexiest one u can get kenshin the reason so many ppl have viewed and posted here is cuz basically this is what we got as a picture gallery now
  7. siiiigh spoon your glock 17 almost makes me wish i had never chromed mine out cuz its got those little scratches everywhere that bug me but eh the matte black finish on the glock is a sexy thing
  8. my mistake i just looked it up yer right ... DOH
  9. u know if he bought a glock 22 slide or something that might make a little more sense hehe glock 22 is 45acp
  10. u see the bullet magically transforms from 9mm to 45acp as soon as it leaves the 9mm barrel and enteres that silencer ITS MAGIC U SEE MAGIC!!
  11. yeah very nice saber my dad didnt buy the saber or the dress blues he rented them because buying them would of sent him rocketing to the poor house in the 70s lol
  12. ah see there u go i dindt know that much i just thought it was those other things i guess well then that makes that gun the m1a instead of the m1a1right? lol something along those lines
  13. what no the 28 can accept drum and box the m1a1 can only accept box box being the long smg type magazine and drum being the circle one
  14. well spoons got it right i belive except its the m1928 though not 21? am i right or wrong on that? the notable difference between the two is the m1a1 doesnt have the compensator or grip and can only accept the box magazine
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