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  1. Sorry, I didn't make myself clear in my post. My reply was in refernece to
  2. Its not going to happen, the .co.uk means that we have to abide by British law. The current limit of 328fps with a 0.2g BB is here to stay
  3. How do we get there manualy? Just for future reference Click "board settings" on the LHS in yoru control panel
  4. Heh, they are damn good fun to play with like that. I chopped mine up about 6months ago now, makes a great CQB weapon
  5. Another reason to get firefox
  6. The 100Kb is for signatures, not avatars. And seeing as you have both an animated signature and avatar it kinda defeats the object of having the limits in place. Your point being? I have a stupid amount of bandwidth avalible to me but still wan't the rules to be inforced because the animations kill 56k conections.
  7. Not everyone has broadband, maybe because they don't see the point or can't get it. Saying that the limits should be raised because most people have broadband would be selfish. 130k for an avatar is stupidly big, I'm pretty certain that there is a 100k limit on sigs too
  8. Can we neg rep you back to 19 to find out
  9. Not all German soldiers were Nazis, most of them had beliefs forced upon them
  10. Which is what the galeries are for......
  11. Is the M14 single shot only or does it have full auto on it?
  12. Chris P

    SQL errors

    Yep. Insomnia with out Arnies is kinda boring as well, I actualy attempted to fight the damn thing rather than staying up
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