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  1. Good point! PTS AAC flash hider and Mini4 can* Geissele SMR Mk2 Dytac outer barrel* Madbull low profile gas block* Troy BUIS Prime Colt upper and lower* Rainier Arms Raptor charging handle FCC trigger* FCC BAD *albatross** Magpul RVG Hogue grip (modded for PTW by Project PTW) LMT buffer tube Magpul CTR stock CQD rear sling point Aimpoint T1 2MOA *Repro
  2. You won't be disappointed with any of the Geissele rails, MRF. Which reminds me - I repainted my T1 and stuck it back on my M4 a couple of weeks ago:
  3. I wish I'd weighed both when I had my RIS II. Not scientific, but I can remember thinking both guns were the same weight and the RIS II was M4A1 length. The Mk1 and Mk2 aren't light for tubes.
  4. I'm surprised the Mk4 is so light - that's good news. Are they shipping with the aluminium barrel nuts? My Mk2 has a steel one and it's heavy! Appreciate the Mk4 is the lite version, but the barrel nut really tips the weight on the Mk2.
  5. Fair points - it's where I got mine from. Will be interested to hear if Arms Unlimited ship. Shame they don't have the 416 one.
  6. Arc Precision in the UK also does the Mk2, dude. They can ship to a lot of EU countries.
  7. DD iron up front really sets it off for me. Nice one, Ivan
  8. Here's a pic of an RS Noveske Keymod RIS section (it was mine before I sold my NSR). So, you can probably see what MB was basing their work-around on. What my friend has done is remove the locking lugs. They are not attached to the RIS in this instance, so you're G2G. So, I suppose what we've leaned from this is that Keymod accessories structured as above should be avoided or will need to be modded.
  9. +1 You just remove the Keymod specific lugs from the RIS piece and you're good to go. A mate has one. Took him a while to figure it out, so I'm not sure how widely known it is. Probably something Madbull should be clear about. Have you tried this? Because the lugs can be removed from RS Keymod panels, too.
  10. Yeah - those helicoil insert things tend to show up on the better RS bits and are invariably pink-ish
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