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  1. check the mainpage, theres a review of it
  2. this is me about 80 feet from 5 opfor, our combat photographer took a silent shot of me while i had my brillo pad back months ago and if youy are curious, me and my squad pwned them pretty bad too bad this guys camera sucked
  3. The pic is misleading, thats a military issue Shemagh, and a standard 20 something inch machete with sawback, and us issue woodland camo top from propper international, nutin foriegn, just seems that way
  4. My weapon are teh coolest@! And yes, i use it in airsoft...just not on people
  5. Lets see here. light conditions are good, maybe ill take some new pics
  6. no scope sexiness can amount for that ghastly tip...
  7. well if you get them right and good in the neck, they wont make it very far, and its a rather big target
  8. Surplus stores sell OD duct tape, im sure u could get it online too
  9. I find it fun, but i hate getting up early -__-
  10. Dont make me slap the teenager out of you boy. Quite effective
  11. ah dont sweat it, i dont have any place to take decent picks around here without getting shot o_0
  12. nice peice, but you may want to take less blurry pics next time
  13. Because 1. I play CQB occasionally and running around inside with a taped gun is assinine 2. Meh to paint, and meh to krylon, id rather slap something together in 5 minutes that can be altered on the go and removed with no mess and the ability to have folige attach to it 3. And yeah, im pretty sure its not a ppk but looks a bit like one, and im too lazy to look it up. And yes, the silencer is HUGE, like 6-7 inches, and is a very interesting conversational peice at "away" games I had a mk23 from kjw that i modified thats fps was insanely illegal for these forums so much so
  14. Yeah, i actually got it when i got the aug, and removed some of the inner felt to fit over the stock silencer, then added foam at the end to deaden the noise, it fits perfectly in my vest innards and is great for night games
  15. Heres my current collection G17 with metal slide and barrel form KWA Cheapo PPk NBB but with moodified silencer, that actually works (dead silent) TM Civvie with OD tape pattern, looks tacky from up close but works wonders out in the bush, totally breaks that shape of the gun
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