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  1. some video goodness of the scar-H. from Echigoya. so who's going to pop for this badboy? as much as I want one, with the Yen the way it is, it's just too expensive for me right now. anyone in Japan on the pre-order lists? let us know how it is.
  2. that's ok. use the english link on the left hand of page, then afterwards scroll down to the calendar and go back to 01-03-2011. Transration!
  3. kunlun, I've used the PDI 6.05 375mm, fits right in. good overall performance and awesome max range for the system.
  4. looks like Echigoya is now doing a full package upgrade with FET install. I like how they are using the stock insert as the mount/heat sink. anyone get the shortened CQC version from them yet? http://echigoya.militaryblog.jp/e189731.html
  5. just did a MP5 HC for someone. guarder polycarb vented pison head, PDI 140% spring, Kong Power 7.4V 1800mah 26C lipo pack. .20g Excel cronos at 320-324fps, and nice and fast. did a SAS HC with similar set up, PDI150%, on 11.1V pack, same velocity, but 32rds/sec. BEAST. only bad part of that is that you will start to get wear and tear on the pison and gear set at 11V power. can't sustain fire too long too, it's a burst gun.
  6. mostly with the stock piston head, it's the o-ring that might be wobbling around a bit to not make a perfect seal during the cycling in full-auto.(due to the solid piston head face) it still seals good enough to get the shot, but you will see it on the crono. a vented piston head should do the trick. if you are keeping it fairly stock as is, try a Guarder Polycarb Piston Head. (the red one) it's light weight, and won't slow down piston stroke speed like the aluminum ones (slightly lower velocity readings, but better durability with AL) vents keep the o-ring more stable on the forward strok
  7. Great job 'Snoop! in regards to the burst shots in semi, it's from your battery's high burst rating, basically on a fresh charge, it will over-volt the system in semi, causing the burst. 3cell 11.1V packs with lower burst ratings will cause this as well after being charged too. it happens on normal AEG's too. the fps variance is by the fact that the gears and piston are short stroked from normal piston and gear sets. add that the piston head is flat with no ports on the front, that will cause more turbulence in the air cylinder during cycling, it could be the bb's partly too.
  8. as far as the gear set and anti-rev latch, it's the same across the board for the recoil boxes. cylinder heads too I think, (have to re-open a G36 again to make sure ) pistons, air nozzles, hop units, spring guides, and tappet plates are the only gun-type specific. (for spring guide, -sort of, m4 versions are the only different type compared to rest) bushings and cylinders are normal off the shelf AEG. as far as the ak/g36/scar recoil engine is concerned, it's mechanically the same, just the recoil weight/block is different size/weight to gun type.
  9. YES. or at least when I have the time to do another review
  10. AnakChan, I knew you couldn't resist. Nice work! interesting how they went about wiring it up due to the space limitations in the gun body. looks like a fet can be installed, if it can fit in the stock, but you wouldn't want to take it apart again after you install it... I would probably re-solder 20-22guage wire for the signal wires to keep it sorta neat and not take up too much room. the piston is AK/G36. recoil weight is about same as G36 also.
  11. for those with Freedom Art Mag adapters: http://freedomart.militaryblog.jp/e186254.html I kinda like how sensei says it's not hard to shave down to make it fit, unless your lazy. (I think that's what he's implying, through my horrific translation skills)
  12. yes it does. here's some pics, my computer was acting up last time, so I couldn't u/l them. sorry, pics kinda dark, here ya go: video:
  13. The grip options are a welcome thing, that way everyone can be more comfortable shooting this gun. The lock seems to be pretty strong, and the fit is good too. Once the plate is on, it feels really solid.
  14. looks like they're just taking the regular AR-type grip mold that they have and just inject the new color plastic for the gun. cost saving measure.
  15. Field striping the PX4 is the same as a Glock type pistol. There are two release tabs on the frame, pull downwards, and push slide to separate from the frame. Aftermarket parts are not available as of right now, however, as with most TM type guns, expect the larger manufacturers to start to make parts for this new platform. In conclusion, the PX4 seems to go along with the same lines as other compact pistols. Great as a sidearm, and offering some new features not found on many of Tokyo Marui’s other pistols, it would be a worthy addition to a player’s load-out. While th
  16. Initial Impressions of the TM PX4 GBB Pistol Tokyo Marui PX4 Length: 193mm / 7.6 inches Weight: 834g / 1lb 13.4oz Magazine Capacity: 25rds FPS (0.20g): 295(Green), 225 (134a) The latest offering from Tokyo Marui, the PX4 offers some new features to their GBB line. Built on a compact frame, it is a welcome addition to players familiar with gun types such as the SIG 226, HiCappa 4.3, and USP Compact. Immediately, you will see that it comes with 2 extra back plates for the lower frame to fit almost any shooter’s hand for a better shooting position and comfort. To change out
  17. NICE, Richard! ...so how much swearing/headaches/throwing things before you figured out what to do for the full stock? lol... oh, found someone who took apart the ARMY clone and took pics. interesting, although the manual included states that the cut-out feature is there, there is NO cut-out latch system to this gun. (bottom of the post 3rd to last pic before the pics of the hop unit housing) also the pics with the exploded diagram do not show any cut-out lever on mechbox or bolt release. http://cinnamon.militaryblog.jp/
  18. are the coils actually binding to each other or to the sides of the walls? never had that problem yet. mine is different problem, well maybe. All of my standard mags tend to compress their springs rather fast now, that leads to a feeding issue. nothing a little stretching won't fix, but, finding I'm having to do that more frequently. granted, I've had them since they were day-1 released and are used a lot. but still...... maybe because of the double stack design, so the wider spring tends to compress more than the regular AEG stock mags I guess.
  19. Richard, should ask the guy with the Army to take pics of the mags too. see if it's exactly the same or a little different. especially the feed top, cut off lever in back, if it has the 30rd feed block, and spring and follower. if it's not too bad, at least we'll all get cheap mags out of this release
  20. The LE gun and stuff is pretty cool as a prize. Not a lot of companies do offer prizes for their customer base like that. If TM ever puts up one of its RC Godzilla or Mothra I'd be all over it. LOL
  21. I thought it more of a rite-of-passage to read through the 72page and counting tome all of us have created. but, a more streamlined thread with a few stickies about the basics may be needed to encompass the new and upcoming variants of our favorite system. what say everyone? your thoughts?
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