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  1. @somegirls - Parts list on your WE? I really like it.
  2. Those are so tasty. Parts lists on both?
  3. I'm picking up a CA SLR105 A1 wood and steel version from a local guy, pics will be up once I have it!
  4. Looks like it's based off an E1 M4... Woo hoo
  5. How adjustable are the Arktis Classic chest rigs? I'm a small guy, but I really want one
  6. Hite, can I have a parts list for your L119A1? Nice rifle, BTW.
  7. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=5151 Does anyone own one of these? It looks really nice, I'm tempted.
  8. What magazine pouches do y'all use for your AUG magazines? Do double M4 mag pouches work?
  9. I think I want the AKS74, as I am going to be doing a late '80s VDV in Afghanistan loadout... How are the VFC's internals? I will most likely be replacing the wood with RS wood, so that doesn't really matter to me.
  10. I can't decide on which AK I want to buy. I have narrowed it down to the Real Sword Type 56, the VFC AKS74, or an LCT kit (probably AKM). Help?
  11. Which would be easier to fit RS handguards to, a Dboys AKS74 or a VFC AKS74? Which one should I get?
  12. QDRenegade, your rifle is hot.
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