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  1. Speak to the "The Sniper", he replaced one of mine as well as a TM one. Billy
  2. The Sniper Have you got a picture of a Glock tac light on your G23F Billy
  3. Nice 19, I take it this is the PGC slide? The only problem with a 19, is tac lights look to big. Billy
  4. Not that old thing again Billy
  5. Got mine for $250 While I was there I got a Trijicon mini reflex sight for my mates TM Glock 17, but that was over $300, but it makes his 34 conversion look great. Billy
  6. UBAR Arn't Crimson Trace grips great, I have exactly the same setup on my sig. Where di you get your grips from? Got mine when staying at my fathers in the US straight from a gun shop. Billy.
  7. I would go for the Silver frame with black slide. that version look so cool. Billy
  8. your lucky as your the first I've heard of, but then I haven't asked everyone.
  9. Krame Did you have any problems with the Guarder kit, Myfirst sig conversion gave me venting issues. I now have a creation kit without any issues at all. Billy
  10. 'WatZ' nice collection Buddy
  11. When did you steel my gun.
  12. Joe I wasn't trying to make light of the facts, I was just saying that here in the UK, although not against the law to have a room like a scene from Commando, but it's great to have. I take your point completely, sorry if I caused an offense. Billy
  13. I wouldn't go for the Guarder as the first choice, but you can upgrade the plastic version with uprated springs and tighter barrel to get better performance. Billy
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