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  1. thank you for how you handled the situation. gun is great!

    thank you again!

  2. Here's my TM, with a few upgrades
  3. TM P226 rail type with metal parts
  4. This is the old Creation kit. No reposts from the previous thread please - Hoppum
  5. Awesome shell ejection, just curious how much those shells cost.
  6. My whole USA collection, working and broken.
  7. WA 92 perfect and KSC Elite.
  8. thegunrunner


    KSC M93R and TM Python. I bought both of these at $24, as they were both broken and I only needed them as stage props.
  9. thegunrunner


    Tanaka Browning 1935.
  10. Magnaport custom NBB by MGC
  11. thegunrunner


    Was going to make it full metal and fiber polymer, but it will cost more than buying a new gun that is already upgraded with those parts(WGC custom) I tried to sell it, but my cousin dropped it and now it's broken.
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