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  1. How are the internals on it? And does it have a quick takedown?
  2. Great seller. Product arrived quickly and in good condition.

  3. Read my last post. The latest revision of of this would have the previous title/s put into the body of the text. This way you could always see what the title had been as well as letting people change their titles. This would probably be a lot of code writing, but hopefully not.
  4. Thanks for the ideas. Might have to use some in the future. jk On a serious note however I think I'm going to have to agree with you about a little loophole will get exploited. And I don't think I'd have any problem writing an add that didn't mention specifically what it was. Could you guys do it so that when you edited your title the old title automatically goes into the top of you weapon description? And if you edited it more than once they just keep piling up? This might be a little too much work to do, but I'm trying to be creative as I'd really love for this to get done.
  5. I'd just like to say to that that I've never seen an add where someone is selling stuff that they don't say in the description what it is. Even if they can change the title, with what I'm suggesting you couldn't edit the main content of the thread, so even if you changed the title the main bulk of your post would contradict it. Edit: I'm not saying it couldn't be done, but you would have to be a very trusting person to buy from someone that didn't have a description other than their title.
  6. I've been thinking about this for a while and decided to post it here. I just wanted to see what everyone else (mainly arnie and the other mods) thinks about it and maybe get it changed. My idea is this. I would like the Topic Title and Topic description to be able to be edited forever. Not the bulk of the post, just the Title and subtitle. I'd like this because it would be very helpful in keeping your thread/s titles up to date. Personally crackisbad has been very helpful in this, but I'd love to save him some work when I feel like changing my title on a whim. I've read this thread a
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