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  1. My other GBBR is the Larue one..from Carbine 1..lol
  2. The one on top is a 16" and the bottom was originally 12.5' but i put a barrel extender to fit the gas block.
  3. Not the best picture.But i will post better pictures of the gun.
  4. Im using the Larue Gooseneck Rail just can't see the extra 1" due to the angle of the photo. The outer barrel is 13". The BAD lever i made.A few pages back i posted a youtube vid of it. Im currently recording this gun in action.Will post up soon.
  5. Anything mechanical WILL fail eventually especially electronics.They go more into it in Volume 2 gear & accesories disc. Thanks.Im still missing one component in that gun is the Larue Dual Flashlight mount.Anyone know where to get one.
  6. The gas block is by King Arms Low Profile Type 3. The BAD lever works for the PTW That is the real gooseneck.
  7. Its the G&P adjustable flashlight mount.
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