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  1. TheFull9

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I'm not sure about different packaging, but yeah as I say there's never been like a Gen 2 or anything where the entire line changed. The AK models had a revamp specifically where they changed to having stop-on-empty and obviously they've released many more AR variants and the Minimi is interesting but that's all. We can but hope that one day they'll move over to setting the guns up with deans and mosfets etc vs the 8.4v nimh obsolescence they're still happy to sit on (obviously you can run them on 7.4 lipos, I know and I do, but they're not selling lipos or really building the guns with them in mind).
  2. TheFull9

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    They were always called NGRS, nothing's changed with them (as is TM's habit). I'm not sure they were ever cheap as you're remembering though lol.
  3. TheFull9

    wot am best SUSAT?

    SSD recently ran an article talking about Shield offering glass lenses as a custom option as it happens.
  4. TheFull9

    wot am best SUSAT?

    The real one sometimes doesn't hold zero, but only because people forget you need the windage screws to both be fully tightened and with their locking nuts and lock washers attached. Eye relief dictates you have to be slightly pushing in to the tiny rubber eye cup, easy to do with just webbing, pretty bloody hard in osprey.
  5. TheFull9

    wot am best SUSAT?

    Yeah it's a joke. It's also a rule from 2008 and I don't reckon Marlowe's been on here in a long time, it's also not like this board is flooded with content. Personally, I've not tried any of the replicas to compare to the real one, but I've also never seen a good review of any of them. Not enough demand to make enough quantity/revisions for them to get good I'd think, but I'd be interested to hear anything contrary. The real thing is an absolute brick, the sight picture is terrible compared to good modern optics and being accurate or getting a good group is just way harder than it should be, but that's 80s tech for ya.
  6. TheFull9

    Pics of your Gear

    Some of my rigs that I took photos of years ago and put on the ol' socials but not here. Have been a few little changes but not all that much. Most FirstSpear here, some Tyr, bits of BFG, TT, HSGI, Flimmuur, G-Code and Safariland. The front plate bag and shoulder straps on the RG PC are scratch built, as are the triple 556 placards though they've since been sold and I use replacements that accepts Spiritus inserts these days.
  7. TheFull9

    Pictures of Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    Almost ran out of camos to get now, a lot of these are just slightly newer/better condition replacements for bits I already have.
  8. TheFull9

    Marui Festival 2019

    Jesus.. how long has it taken to update the 17? Shame Gen 4 is probably the worst gen of them all but better late than never. Does the larger blowback unit mean it's even more likely to break on propane though?
  9. TheFull9

    WE's jet-fire

    At least with someone else there's a literal half a chance some good might come. Right now it's basically 0%.
  10. TheFull9

    The Computer Question Thread

    Yep tried all the theme settings, res matches. Not sure what scaling is but I'll look in to it. I think the monitor has that but I'd end up with a pretty noticeable black line along the bottom permanently. I also get the feeling that the pixels that are now highlighted for long periods would also end up getting temporarily stuck and they'd be higher in my view that way, I do get the idea though. For now I've moved the whole taskbar up along the left edge of the screen which is super weird and nasty but I'll see what ASUS replies to me with.
  11. TheFull9

    The Computer Question Thread

    Monitor issue. The taskbar in windows 10 puts a highlight around currently running programs with a couple of pixels at the very bottom edge of the screen that are double-highlighted. The highlight being stuck on the same colour for many hours is causing stuck pixels with increasing regularity. I tried changing the colour scheme of windows to something grey and neutral but the problem persists Auto-hiding the task bar still shows the slim highlighted line at the very bottom of the display at all times. Looked around online but nobody else seems to be having this and I can't figure out how to disable it in windows, which seems pretty ridiculous. Any ideas anyone might have would be great.
  12. Anyone seen anybody doing conversions on the hi-caps? Just spit balling really, I want to add a few somewhat-practical ww2 guns to my collection but I can't stand hi-caps. All I have right now is a KA thompson which is fine and all but not my favourite weapon of the period. Had 2 ICS Garands but they let me down, the RWA No4 turned out to be kinda and G&G obviously haven't released theirs yet.
  13. TheFull9

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    I'm most impressed that you grew such a strong tache.
  14. TheFull9

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Krytac in its guise from about 18 months ago, it's in the process of getting a V7 stoopid-light M-LOK forend (amongst other changes).
  15. TheFull9

    Pictures of Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    Couple of little bits not pictured, but overall some good acquisitions while I was deployed.

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