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  1. Basically just being a cheap *bramston pickle* here and asking if anyone's got stuff in a bits box so I don't have to pay shipping form Rainbow8/rather pay for someone's otherwise useless spares than pay a company. Need a FPG/KWA G18 selector and the piston head. The guts of my FPG kit (was the actual kit before PTS sold whole FPGs) imploded about 2 years ago. Didn't realise initially, I just pulled it out of the cupboard one day, cocked it and the slide stayed back no matter what I tried. Turned out the piston head had shattered and bits dropped in to the frame, which potentially was
  2. You're buying B&T guys that's what you gotta pay... lol Random fact; the 556 is the only gun I've ever shot that's bit me. Dropped down behind one at a range day, never handled it before, didn't know about the *suitcasey* reciprocating charging handle. Never had to man up so hard in my life to not let anyone around me know I just *fruitcage*ed my own left thumb.
  3. Previous iterations of the TM from a few months back. Right now it looks more like @bladerunner168's, though in the process of fitting the MLOK I snapped the pathetically weak little bit that sticks out of the GB and interacts with the last-round stop tab on the mags, so it's currently disassembled. Poser vs Actually setup for when I've used it
  4. Posted what looks exactly like this before I think, but it had the pure M-LOK/no picatinny rail from ALG before and I think I changed the charging handle to a Radian style.
  5. Left is before, right is after, centre is the actual product. Many years ago I attached a patch to a Crye G3 shirt and didn't like the lack of security with the split velcro, I also didn't like the fact that the AC and G3 lines have never featured pattern matched loop. After a while I started getting custom tactical sewing guys in the US to just sew hook on the back of camo loop in different MC patterns, US Woodland, Desert Night etc to both bridge those gaps and add camo to my Crye shirts and replicas from Roman. Fast forward to 2019 I heard of a company able to print loop almost
  6. I think they try and do some interesting stuff of their own, which is something at least, but man they talk a big game and don't ever seem to deliver much (other than in the aesthetics department).
  7. Not my work but I've had a few of these made in different camos over the past couple of years. Have been talking with a couple of different companies, hopefully within a few months they'll actually be available and in just about every camo that you can get gear made in.
  8. That's my bad, should've known. Thanks for trying though bud.
  9. Apologies in advance this is a tad lazy of me, but I've seen so many conflicting stories and I'm hoping someone might already have a solid, evidenced answer. I've accumulated WAY too many TM pistol mags the past decade or so, total waste having them all just sit there when I rarely play, but having heard stories of even mags that are totally empty with the valves removed being seized I'm not sure what to do. Pretty much any solid knowledge/experience folks have with regards services to use, rules they've checked etc would be appreciated. Don't wanna go with 'oh I just empty them and se
  10. That's the one. Hopefully that listing will stay there for a while.
  11. Good news, I guess my memory served me because the main widget you get in the Maglite AA kit fits pretty damn well on my regular and vampire Surefire scout heads. It's tight, takes a solid push to get on and a fair bit of wiggling and messing around to remove, but you know it's not going anywhere in game. If anyone's reading this and is interested, there's a guy on ebay if you search 'airsoft polycarbonate' who'll do disc of any size for £3, free postage. Setup sorted. There's cheaper ways obviously, but this is still way cheaper and easier than getting someone with a lot of technical
  12. Actually ponied up for a proper fancy pants charger with LED screens and everything.  Only took 14 years.

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