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  1. Lovely. I did some thinking recently and came to the conclusion the lower is just about the optimum AR setup for bb warz.
  2. AlL tHEy EvER dO iS ReCOil EmFuRz
  3. DCA has a pre-order up at £550 though last I looked - gulp.
  4. I could see that taking a while, if they even transition pre-this-gun models over to the better stuff. I've no idea if it'd require new moulds and other machine stuff tbh. Sure would make the SCARs and G36s a lot better.
  5. Nice one. Guess now I have to go research how real MP5 production has changed between now and the 90s - get the feeling it'll be to do with super nuances of welding.
  6. Yeah I'm sold, I'll swap a steel body for some recoil, bolt functions and TM quality - pretty damn certain there'll be a good aftermarket. https://www.hyperdouraku.com/event/marufes_ol4/index.html
  7. GHK gas may be interesting (not sure if they have any plans?) but given LCT's EBB reviews so far I'd not sure I'd be hopeful for it; unless they've turned things around? I considered the ICS of course, nice option for sure but I don't know the external dimensions whereas I know the Avalons allow RS stocks, handguards and sight rails to fit right on. To me, when it comes down to it, I find that I think I care about steel and realistic outsides a lot, but I end up caring about that a lot less than I care about the assuring reliability and predictable good performance (usually of a TM) as s
  8. Given the state of MP5 offerings out there that I've seen, I'd very strongly consider either. Been properly after a good one for almost a year now, doesn't look like the steel Avalons are getting made again, not sure I even want to wait for the LCT. One day someone will make a highly reliable and generally solid performing EBB/GBB with the realistic externals we want out of the box. Not sure when, but I'm not sure what's more likely - TM doing steel or VFC doing great insides.
  9. Basically just being a cheap *bramston pickle* here and asking if anyone's got stuff in a bits box so I don't have to pay shipping form Rainbow8/rather pay for someone's otherwise useless spares than pay a company. Need a FPG/KWA G18 selector and the piston head. The guts of my FPG kit (was the actual kit before PTS sold whole FPGs) imploded about 2 years ago. Didn't realise initially, I just pulled it out of the cupboard one day, cocked it and the slide stayed back no matter what I tried. Turned out the piston head had shattered and bits dropped in to the frame, which potentially was
  10. You're buying B&T guys that's what you gotta pay... lol Random fact; the 556 is the only gun I've ever shot that's bit me. Dropped down behind one at a range day, never handled it before, didn't know about the *suitcasey* reciprocating charging handle. Never had to man up so hard in my life to not let anyone around me know I just *fruitcage*ed my own left thumb.
  11. Previous iterations of the TM from a few months back. Right now it looks more like @bladerunner168's, though in the process of fitting the MLOK I snapped the pathetically weak little bit that sticks out of the GB and interacts with the last-round stop tab on the mags, so it's currently disassembled. Poser vs Actually setup for when I've used it
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