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  1. My breacher is flawless. On 6 shot mode as well. But i agree , 3 shot is the best for outdoor. If you install the Taiwanese high pressure gas flow valve you can up your breacher to 400fps range. It's insane. But i dunno if it will have the same endurance, haven't gotten round to getting mine to do any testing. My tactical m870 on the other hand, ain't impressed keeps leaking. Thinking of getting the g&p stock and the gas valve. I wouldn't recommend the black guarder gas. The only thing it'll do is trip the overflow valve much earlier and you'll lose more gas. Third party ag o
  2. Tell us how it goes! I really would like to use my tactical shotgun as a primary and adding an AG pistol stock is just pay of the plan to get it up to fps to make it effective
  3. As far as that official word, they said it will take ar15/m4 gbb pistol grips and stock. Whether those gbb items are to real steel specs, I can't honestly tell you
  4. I get a consistent 5 BB, giving me 6 shots on one shell, which I actually like, since it mimics a full length real steel tube load.
  5. ha. yeah. i think it's not worth it. I think the TM tactical is slightly lighter. but with the aftermarket stock gas tank, it weighs almost the same.
  6. Ask wingmann above you, he's rocking the breacher with the angry Gun buffer gas tank pistol grip stock. I'm sure he did it himself, rather then at the shop
  7. Oh sorry. Misread your comment, I thought you were talking about the AG stock on the tactical, not the breacher. But getting back to that, have you noticed any internal leaking? With the AG and G&P gas tank stock on the tactical version, people have been reporting leakage from the seal from the brass expansion cylinder where the over pressure value gives when using green gas/propane and higher.
  8. So breacher can do 7 shells on 6 shot mode on green gas out the box, while tactical can do it with AG/g&p gas tank stock. Nice.
  9. Ah. Just to be clear, I had to transition to pistol because I ran out of shells to shoot. I managed to shoot 7 Shells in 6 shot mode on one tank of green gas. I guess if you are finding yourself shooting more then 7 shells and can't do a refill mid-game, then yeah maybe an extra tank is a good idea. Edit: oh and perhaps you are playing in a location where the outside temporaries is below 20°C then I guess you will get a little less shots.
  10. Yes i agree. the polarised filter on the front is difficult to use indoors, i've tried to remove it, but it seems to be shrink-fitted or maybe just welded in. But it seems like if i got the element version of this beta 1x24 sight with automatic light adjustment, you can remove the polarised filter, but that was more expensive. So I guess that's what i get for buying cheap! haha. Oh well, i'll just run with this until it breaks or i can't stand it and just forcefully remove the filter.
  11. That pretty much sums up with what I experienced. Played an indoor cqb game yesterday. Ambient temperature of 21°C on 6 shot mode with Green gas I've achieved 7 shells, 5 pumps per shell on one tank. Had to transition to pistol in two games. But that was wicked fun, 6 shell side saddle with one in the gun. Reloading after 5 shots with a few times not knowing whether I was out or not, sometimes shooting empty other times quick reload instead.
  12. Actually i was thinking of getting that MRDS, because i wanted something low-profile and light. But after witnessing the incredible hop-up at around 15m mark, i decided to get a optronic replica of the Trijicon reflex 1x24 which does pretty good if just a little long in length. But i've yet to try it out yet, so i might still go to the aimpoint if it doesn't work out.
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