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  1. Couple of shots of my in-progress UKSFish kit & diemaco from the weekend.
  2. It was tolerable when Terry Wogan still did it, as he just got drunk and spectacularly passive aggressive over the evening. Nowadays it isn't even bad enough to be funny. It was all completely *fruitcage* dire.
  3. Actually a lot of pirates didn't kill that many people at all. Murdering was bad for business, and encouraged crews to put up a fight.
  4. Just engage any potential date rapists in conversation, they'll take the rohypnol themselves
  5. That last one's also a great position if you want to get pregnant.
  6. <Puts on sunglasses> YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!
  7. Oramorph. Liquid morphine that tastes like Calpol. Ruddy gorgeous. Sadly it's going to shortly wear off. Which sucks, but still was fun being high as a kite all afternoon after my surgery today.
  8. My brother is very badly dyslexic yet is actually an extremely good typist. A lot of dyslexics get taught to touch type at school nowadays as they find it easier. So I'm very suspicious of the 'but i'm dyslexic' excuse. My rant. Six hours waiting to go home today from hospital, because they didn't have a bed free in the surgical ward to discharge me from. Not the Nurses' fault, they were fantastic, but it's symptomatic of the NHS bureaucracy that I have to be put into a hospital bed when I can, by this point, walk around fine under my own power, just so some admin can tick a box. Me
  9. Timothy Dalton is the best Bond by far. Also Batfleck is my favourite Batman. He nails both Bruce Wayne and Batman imo.
  10. Yeah but it tastes like week old .
  11. I periodically have a voice like I've been deep throating a chainsaw, yes.
  12. Man, sign me up. If I buy it people can ransack me for parts. I won't be using them. They might not want my vocal chords though- with operation number 13 on Monday those things are basically held together by scar tissue and prayer at this point.
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