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  1. fishsquatch

    SMG Picture Thread

    I made it from scratch. It's just an oddly shaped, codura pillow case (with a buckle). The czech holsters can be modified to hold the gun with the standard mag. I also fitted a simple noose-knot to create a mounting point for a sling . . .
  2. fishsquatch

    SMG Picture Thread

    With the holster, the scorp carries just like any other sidearm.
  3. fishsquatch

    SMG Picture Thread

    TM Vz61 and homemade holster
  4. fishsquatch

    Videos Thread !

    Awesome! +1
  5. fishsquatch

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    TM G18C AEP with 130mm barrel and G&G Silencer. The AEP is well-muffled with this set-up, but it's also almost as long as an MP5.
  6. fishsquatch

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    P99 NBB - it goes thwooomph in the night . . .

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