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    1996, cheap Beretta NBB. It broke.
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    Gas guns. Lots of gas guns.
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    "Moooo!" Or what would a Moose say ?!?!
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    Hm... Airsoft?
  1. elchinator

    H&K Picture Thread

  2. elchinator

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    The quality is perfectly ok for the price. A lot of ABS, not much metal, but what can you expect? And the mechanism is simple enough to be reliable.
  3. elchinator

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    And by coincidence I will be comparing it to the Derringer in my review... It has the same tactical function. Just with more spread.
  4. elchinator

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Do these qualify as shotguns? At least they are using shells...
  5. elchinator

    SIG Picture Thread

    WE F226
  6. elchinator

    Artistic Airsoft

    The same stuff that is seen here...
  7. elchinator

    H&K Picture Thread

    KWA HK USP Tactical
  8. I LOVE my Wiley X Saber Advanced!

  9. elchinator

    H&K Picture Thread

    Sorry, didn't see your post until now. It's a KWA USPc, so pretty much the same specs, except for the markings. As a lttle compensation for this late answer, let's see the other side:
  10. elchinator

    H&K Picture Thread

    HK USPc
  11. elchinator

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Maybe. But it's there for a reason...
  12. elchinator

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Depends on what I use it for The GHK is really looking nice. But because of it's price it's more of a collectors item. The SRC is cheap, but reliable. It doesn't really matter, if it gets scratched up. The WE is somewhat a bit of both. It is really looking nice and has a good performance. And the strongest recoil! I would probably use it for playing in woodland areas.
  13. elchinator

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

  14. elchinator

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    GHK AKM with Ra-Tech wood grip.
  15. elchinator

    Artistic Airsoft

    Inokatsu M16A4

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