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    Hm... Airsoft?
  1. The quality is perfectly ok for the price. A lot of ABS, not much metal, but what can you expect? And the mechanism is simple enough to be reliable.
  2. And by coincidence I will be comparing it to the Derringer in my review... It has the same tactical function. Just with more spread.
  3. Do these qualify as shotguns? At least they are using shells...
  4. The same stuff that is seen here...
  5. The Wiley X "Saber Advanced" is a rather typical shooting glass with big polycarbonate lenses and a minimalistic frame. At first glance it looks like one of those "Airsoft goggles" that you get with some chinese guns. But only at the first glance! You can feel the stability by just touching it. The temples are massive, the lenses have a thickness of 3.3mm. And the scopy of delivery is considerably wider. The glasses come with a very practical belt pouch that can even take up all the accessories. As there are two sets of replacement lenses coloured "rust" and "transparent" (only set #3
  6. I LOVE my Wiley X Saber Advanced!

  7. Sorry, didn't see your post until now. It's a KWA USPc, so pretty much the same specs, except for the markings. As a lttle compensation for this late answer, let's see the other side:
  8. 1911 Carbine Conversion Kit Glock Carbine Stock
  9. Maybe. But it's there for a reason...
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