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  1. On 4/21/2019 at 6:31 PM, ChupacabraOutdoor said:


    Man it amazes how far you've come from your initial videos. Everything well deserved.
    If i can offer critique, it would be be that there is echo in the room. It could be solved by sound proofing or by using a remote mic on your t-shirt (best imo).

  2. As soon as they put that mosfet and gearbox in an M4, is buy one

    G&P I5, G&G M4, Ares Amoeba M4, CA Scarab, ASCU aftermarket part (this is in the EVO as well)...Titan? PTW?


    In all good spirits, it must be appropriate to ask if you've lived under a rock...:)

  3. www.transferwise.com for international transfers. Total shill here.

    They give the best exchange rates and lowest fee. Significantly cheaper than banks and paypal. Eg. i just transferred £290 to DKK for a £2 fee at exchange rate 8.43987.

    XE changerate is 8.43922, so basicly the same.


    It's a total cost of 0.8%.

    Paypal would end up charging probably 8-10% (3.4% base fee + bad exchange rate cost).


    Transferwise usually has the money transferred within 24h, if not the same day.

  4. Used that spell to lock a boss stunned some time ago. He would run across it and slip or something, combined with a enter/leave based AOE spell? Fire orb or something.


    Other idea i had was to use fog spell and familiar. The familiar would be a bat with echo location, and then i could use that to transfer touch based spells through the familiar in the fog. Never did try it though.

  5. Got a bill today from my dentists.


    I had to cancel an appointment because I literally didn't have the money to pay for it, which they determined was not an acceptable reason for cancelling an appointment within 48 hours.


    So they have now sent me a bill:


    £10.48p for the appointment

    £50.00p cancellation charge

    £10.00p late payment charge


    And the threat that they will then send it on to a debt collection agency with an additional 25% on top if I don't pay within a week.


    Also, the previous tenant's gas company have demanded I pay for a month of gas and electricity that I didn't use, having been not living here at the time. From more than 18 months ago. So that's another £90, because I cannot afford to take them to court.


    Also, my boss has told me that he won't give me a proper contract and pay me the minimum wage (I currently earn £5 an hour) because the business isn't doing well enough. This is because he has racked up nearly £10,000 worth of debt buying up expensive stock and then not selling them. More importantly, it's not my *fruitcage* problem, but he voted to Leave the EU, proudly votes Tory without actually knowing a single one of their policies, loves Theresa May and literally plays youtube videos of Trump Press conferences nonstop when at work, so I suspect worker rights aren't really his thing.


    TL;DR: On top of the £400 in rent, £120 in council tax, £130 in bills, I now have to pay another £160 this month, primarily because I am apparently not allowed to be poor and must be punished for it.


    Also also, I pull in £480 a month at this *suitcasey* stopgap job, but because racist wankstain boss is on holiday to India next week and us lowly peons are not to be trusted with running the shop lest we actually *fruitcage* sell some of the stock to customers, I am going to be down £120 in wages.


    Welcome to Tory Britain.


    Anyone know of any multi-millionaire Tory Party Donors who need a kidney transplant? I have one going spare.



  6. Sorry, it is not text, but rather the stippled white line.

    I've taken an enlarged screenshot of it:



    You can also see a purple shift next to the white squares and other places. It is seen in ares where there are sharp contrast differences (ie. white line in black).


    I don't know if your camcorder has a manual mode where you can adjust aperture/f-stop, but if it has, it might be worth playing around with this and see what results you get. A higher f-stop has the advantage longer field of depth, so things will be better in focus when you moved them up/down (away/closer to camera).


    It is a common issue (chromatic aberration), imo, so guaranteed there will be a software option in your editing tools to mitigate it, but i know nothing of editing video/photos.


    Some awesome 4K testrender videos :D


    I will be outputting 4K -> Down-sampled to 1080p @ 40Mbps to my YouTube channel because I don't see a need for native 4K videos.

    Downsampling to 1080p with high bitrate gives really nice and crisp videos :D




    I watched your videos and couldn't help but notice that you had chromatic abberation, especially appearent in the lower left white text. It's the purple bloom/shift. I struggled with this until i learned that my lense had limitations in picture quality beyond just aperature etc. Typically, a lense will have 1 specific fstop that gives the optimal clarity overall clarity (chromatic abberation being one reason), and then quality tapers off to either side.

    You can take a look at this website:


    The tool there will allow you to see examples of quality for the lense you have at various settings.

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