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  1. Good day of airsoft since a long time. Mate brought out his project m2 for folks to try out. Only photo so far with me in it as a background figure (typical ss-leto oversuit and bizon for close range defense). Sorry for FB link, I cannot for the life of me get the photos downsized enough to fit the max size limit here without it basically looking like a stamp. https://scontent.fdet1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t39.30808-6/283305619_5278643502202820_6389864207829778070_n.jpg?_nc_cat=106&ccb=1-7&_nc_sid=0debeb&_nc_ohc=oDIwJkdE100AX8Ivcgr&tn=tGS11XU2kymMTLF2&_nc_ht=scontent.fdet
  2. Clearly that is the anti aircraft field position stock attachment. Now I want to see you pull off what negative airsoft did and make a top folder using a pps bizon stock. Guessing he just found an ak sidefolder with the right pin size to match it. Sadly do not have any new builds myself, though I am always dreaming of them. Seeing the pics from the latest ak festival in Japan has not helped me.
  3. Had a good time at the local field on Sunday despite the heat. There are a few other shots of me in a pile of weeds or running with a RPK in the deep woods, but this one says it all that day. Won the Free for All round the event hosts ran right after the lunch period using my trusty ak105 and won a card for next game day fee. Ended up giving it to a mate who had sit out the game as his birthday is this Wednesday and he had gladly shared with me and others the pork fried rice he cooked up from scratch. Netting over my head was for the expected mosquito hordes but did not really see any till
  4. Latest promo video shows it, reddit already in arms, figured it needs to be posted everywhere. Interesting mag design (though I imagine RC could "improve" it somehow). So far it seems like it is semi only, which I guess makes sense for their design philosophy. Too bad it is going to be above my credit limit/not really usable where I live.
  5. A few of the pics gathered by John aka Canto whose crew at Hole in the Wall Paintball in Bangor Michigan put on an awesome event last weekend. I am wearing my Sumpftarn getup, which lasted until about an hour or so before our lunch break due to charging across some marshland that I fell up to my lower calf in muck. Link below is the rest of the photo album from the event host, so you can see some of the scale of this place (and it is not all of it yet me tell you). Shame I cannot go visit it all the time. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNT2J2xZpI6kHPKnrZ95fzTkyAHt-avtne5kMgGWXxhAMLBL
  6. First picture so far of the elusive "Russian" as they call me at the local field. Pretty sure the ref has film of me in this bunker puttering about back and forth because the cover is all and I cannot find a good angle for anything in it. Most of the time for this gamemode of capturing said bunker I am off to the left scaring folks trying to come up these two paths near the field netting walls. I'll probably be double posting soon if anything else surfaces.
  7. Had some nostalgia recently for the ps3 game M.A.G and just had to look for my S.V.E.R faction patches and low and behold someone makes some (sadly no velcro). I kind of want to have a sticker shop make the logo as well so I can stickerbomb some ak mags or something.
  8. Does anyone who owns a cyma/s&t pattern bizon and has a hicap for it know who to open the front lid to fill it instead of the latch?  I've heard about it being a better method but have yet to figure out how to do it to the hicap that just arrived today (midcaps never worked out for me despite having multiple and I kinda wanna try the hicap after seeing some recent Japanese players use one).

  9. Originally could not get this grater heatshield from Khyber Custom to fit, but queue one *suitcase* job with a dremel and pliers to bend the edges of both ends earlier today. I recommend saving oneself the headache and just getting the LCT one instead, it was not worth the effort for the cost difference.
  10. Is Cyma the only company to make 7.62x39 akm polymer mags in black?  I kinda want to get that ak104 look at times, but it pains me that the cyma ones look a bit off and only a few shops (evike really afaik) carry them.

  11. The hero of last weekend's rec game, that in the hands of another took me down handily. I have the classic side mount and ultimak clone for an optic, but I honestly have no need for one and for the former it defeats my actual use of the folding stock (when *suitcase* tucked in tight trying to keep folks guessing where I am behind cover). I have fancied perhaps one of those vector pk-a clones though for display. Mag is the blue box brand midcaps that I've only seen a few shops sell (here really evike afaik). Fantastic feeding quality for something so cheap and light, just wish they had it i
  12. When that urge for a g3 SBS aka MC51 SD surges back from years ago, but you remember it a v2 and not a v3.  Sigh...

  13. Me trying to not die to the weather, 90+ degree Fahrenheit at one point and the Sun so intense for most of the day. Best photo so far grabbed of me for the day, hosing away at I believe a speedsoft player through that tiny window with my accursed RPK.
  14. Just finished watching Mach Sakai's latest vid on a maruzen m93r nbb pistol and was amused that it lacked the burst mode.  Made me wonder if there has even been a nbb that had a burst or full auto function, or is it just not possible with such a system?

    1. renegadecow


      Not possible. It's a double action NBB with your finger doing all the work of loading and firing. The only way for something like that to fire a burst is if it loads and fires multiple bbs in one cycle of the trigger like a malfunctioning TM gas revolver.

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