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  1. Gunmane

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    TBH I've seen folks in sweatclothes and hunting outfits play better than the fully kitted folks (and even the less kitted like myself). If I could get out more than once a month maybe it'd help with my health, though tbh it usually does the opposite with my body sore and not functioning right just in time for the Monday workshift...
  2. Anyone got an idea what sort of magazine floor/base plates would work for the old MAG ak74 midcaps?  Realize that I have a few without baseplates whiles I was trudging through the collection today.

    1. Gunmane


      Furthermore, does anyone know of places in the US that might have the cyma or lct midcaps in plum?  It seems that except for the lct ones being sold with particular models they are only found in a select few overseas shops and the cymas I have not seen anywhere in stock.

  3. Gunmane

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    I would say make the lot of them skydive off Big Ben without parachutes but that would probably be too good for them. I like to think my sister would chew the hell out of any nurse staff that did that in a hospital she was working at but I get the feeling those above her would hold her responsible for being a decent human being and not the dung heaps left to continue their *suitcase* heap building. Took apart my main old kalash to transfer the bits back to the triangle stock receiver last night and found the modify flat hop bucking was torn where the nub makes contact. Not sure how or why other than perhaps too much pressure on it from the nub or a bb teared it from a jam up or the cold from last game. Tis the soft type so going to see if the hard version fares any better and got a shs chamber on the way since the original chamber was plastic. Kinda frustrating since I was looking forward to using it this weekend if I did go out to play though tbh I am not sure if the tear actually effects it much since it the nub is still pushing the bucking material down straight. Of course, I have no honest clue if these setups have done any of my replicas any better and I wouldn't be surprised if the others with the same setups are also already torn.
  4. Gunmane

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    The percentage off codes are generally not worthwhile from these stores if you don't live nearby since the shipping can reach upwards of $20-40 for one item regardless of size/weight/etc. (and the old adage of places raising prices up before putting them on "sale"). Only certain things like LCT models and Promy barrels end up being worth it if you are willing to eat the shipping cost (as they somehow don't fall under "Manufacturer Assured Pricing" somehow). Most places don't even use codes, they just "apply it" to whatever they want to get rid off. It was just driving me bonkers that gi wanted to charge such shipping rates for a gearbox that was four dollars less than their competitor because it was a "blowout sale." Whilst over here we may have things like that, I would kinda say overseas you have more players in the field in terms of shops and despite the import matters you likely have a better time acquiring certain things from the rest of Europe/Asia, though that may be something more to say for certain mainland Europe countries. Got a migraine from work so I might just be typing gibberish as usual. Frustrated at the weather lately with folks on the road to and from work and it making the potential weekend skirmish likely a stay home situation (might be only slightly less cold then last time but weather far worse).
  5. Gunmane

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    First-world airsoft shopping problems. Why in the world does Airsoftgi not want my money? They put all their stuff on "blowout pricing" which means for most things a few bucks and then excludes all of it from free shipping coupons. I can have the same stuff in both their cart and on evike (in this case a spare cyma gearbox so I can get an old dboys akms body running plus a few small things to reach coupon code requirements, some ammo, springs, etc.) and because of this stunt evike would win out. I hate having to turn to them when I want to spread my spending to various shops, but this kinda stuff is just asinine. Yes, I'm aware evike does the same *suitcase* too. All I really need is the selector spacer bits that interface with the selector plate and whatnot (I have an old acm qsc gearbox that is missing them), but no, no stateside shop carries spares in stock at all, and any gearbox without the motor such as lonex, zci, etc. all come without the selector bits.
  6. Gunmane

    Is there ANY shotshow news?

    The sad thing is that if you are not one of them the exhibitors would likely be less inclined to give you info/let you take photos and videos of the good stuff/let you mess around with said stuff. I remember when I went years ago with my father and his friend who went as their respective police department representatives. I remember certain booths not being kind to anyone taking photos with their phones unless you were scheduled or affiliated. I still managed to get stuff up here long before any celebs could, and I had just my phone and my laptop that was stuck at the room till I got back each day.
  7. Gunmane

    LCT AK electric blowback kit is out

    Just an update as to the fps question, from the comments of the AATV video it is indeed 1.6J / 420 FPS which means it is just their regular gearbox internals with the new motor. Definitely not interested in having to take it apart just to make it field legal and risk it acting up like my current lct gearbox so sadly I won't be testing this out (my wallet much happier though).
  8. Gunmane

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    "Looks at collection of kalashes, bizon, etc." Why do I still not have one. I do want a kobra too... Further offtopic, Darklite, what camo pattern is that rifle atop of? I can't quite put a name to it but it seems familiar.
  9. HobbyKing having a 20 percent off coupon for Super Bowl apparently, just picked up some extra lipos for my collection.  GAMEON is the code I believe, Big Banner on their website.

  10. Gunmane

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    So, I gave in and made a fake fb account to finally find the game hosts' page so I could find any photo evidence of me playing in the past year. Warning, all of these have me looking goofy and with random kit on. Latest game from January: Pretty sure most of these won't be viewable due to the page owners having it set as a business page but we'll just have to see. Thanks to Capital City Airsoft for the photos.
  11. Gunmane

    Is there ANY shotshow news?

    I am quite a bit south from where Gigueand is in our state, and yeah, save for the recent influx of monthly games at a "local" field, I often have to drive across the state either way if I want to visit anywhere else. The old skirmish games that usually dominated the scene are seen/called pickup games now, which saddens me because that is how I have always seen airsoft as, throw two sides at each other and have fun. I've grown to like the semi auto unless support replica games, but seeing a kid half my age outpacing my RPK with his hpa'd m4 kinda takes any sort of field play planning (not to mention most of my replicas either tend to have issues with semi auto or refuse to do so at all). Likewise I guess my jadedness is getting worse with age. The RUSFOR thing drives me nuts since I've been wearing KLMK suits and random gear before it got that image and I still get asked sometimes if I am part of x group. Of course, now I get R6 siege memes thrown at me. I would not be surprised if any images of me out there are getting comments in that way. While it can be said that the armalite scene has plenty of good/great ootb replicas, I honestly wouldn't say that for kalashnikov variants, at least for field legal fps limits. From cyma to LCT, most shoot far above field limits and necessitate changing out springs or more, whilst most armalite pattern replicas are built to either be cqb legal or woodland legal by design, or are offered from shops as such. If anything, I would be impressed if someone importing cymas, lct, etc. actually made an effort to downgrade springs/clean up some of the internals without putting awful trademarks everywhere or only doing so for the tm style takedown replicas. Whilst G&G and a few others have made an effort to make better built replicas internally (or at least the illusion of), folks are not gravitating towards them over the usual options. Sorry, just felt like ranting this afternoon.
  12. Gunmane

    Is there ANY shotshow news?

    9mm everything is about the best summary so far. Still kinda ticked off about G&G's AK9 not being an actual Ak-9 like the prototype LCT had years ago and never went forward with. Hearing Evike getting sole distribution rights to TAG products also worries me.
  13. Gunmane

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    Went out in the cold yesterday and shot frozen plastic balls at other people. Slid on ice underneath snow so many times and broke mag lip on one of my favorite magazines, but still had a good time. AK105 did some work compared to anything else and supposedly there is a vid of me going to town with it somewhere out there (Capital City Airsoft on facebook but I can't find/view page being a non-user, also might be intentionally misspelled or something, Michigan based). My spur of the moment ski mask from grocery store irritated the *fruitcage* out of my face so not sure if I want to repeat that next month.
  14. I do love how they are plinking away outside next to a busy road and no one bats an eye. Wish I could pull that off at home without fear. Interested in the Co2 setup. RC, can we expect another loadout with one of these?
  15. Gunmane

    Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    Nerpa vest with a condor belt thrown in by the seller. Spent quite some time tonight adjusting it to fit and still having moments of "Why do I eat so much!" Can report that the pouches will hold Bizon mags (came without dividers already so figured might as well test it). Whether or not they come flying out when moving at an angle has yet to be seen. Debating how to go about getting what are likely paintball stains out of it.

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