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  1. Would upload more images (including one of oversized Splav Kamysh Bekas suit and battery hand held screwdriver for tech I bought previously) but I am horrible at converting photos to fit upload limits. 6sh104 arrived today after a bit of time (lot less than I thought it would be though given everything atm). Somehow already fits me without adjustment, and already looks ratty enough for the rest of my kit. Hoping if my left foot ever recovers I can use this with my old KLMK suit in spring/summer for Georgia war aesthetic. Certainly feels like money better spent than the custom insoles I ha
  2. Never okay, just keep going. Old man now has 3 damaged disks and can hardly walk, I myself have been getting pain in left heel (likely spur) for awhile now, got new insoles to try and relieve it a bit, but just the constant 10 hours on the floor at work dragging me down so much that I hardly want to get out of bed on the weekend. All this overtime and hard work resulted in depressing news from bosses that the holiday bonus was being sent through the payroll system instead of a live check, which meant it got taxed and 401k/healthcared deductions. Despite getting a bigger bonus than most othe
  3. Got out to play today despite everything going on. RPK still not really performing like I wish it would but it did some work for suppression. Sumpftarn suit worked somewhat well due to the field being mostly brown (no snow here yet). May have not had the best day out there but getting to play the day before I turn 29 is about the best I can ask for these days.
  4. Gunmane

    GBB psg1

    Yeah, I wonder if its a deal with cyberscum like the featherweight or if it just vfc trying to case in on the popularity of it, if it indeed a "light" version.
  5. Gunmane

    GBB psg1

    Meanwhile I just yearn for VFC to go back to the ak line again. I'll give it a few months before WE drops their take.
  6. Just on autopilot every day and I just want to be turned off permanently. Despite my state getting swept up in the mess my work is considered "essential" so I will be worked until I get infected in the end. Been on mandatory overtime for months now and I never see the sun now or do anything when I get home. Cannot find satisfaction in anything anymore. Last game day I had last month I just ended up leaving early out of frustration. Latest project of restoring an old tm p90 as an early bday present is down the drain currently due to M Trigger unit I eagerly waited for not functioning prope
  7. "Honey its a business expense" I'm just having flashbacks to the cheatcode version from Mercenaries that fired essentially artillery shells.
  8. So you were the one that did that vid! I watched it before thinking about trying to see if I could fix the midcaps, but in the end figured I would just mess up. I just tried doing what you said was for the pps/shs hicap to my cyma one, and sure enough it worked. Weird because iirc the pps/shs ones were sold as apex here in the USA and often came with only a hicap flashmag that was more akin to the real bizon mag in length and thus would not work with the cyma/s&t/silverback. After a *suitcasey* day at work, this has made up for it, thank you!
  9. As the title says, I am looking for info on how some folks have in the years past been able to load the cyma/s&t/insert other brand here bizon hicap magazine via taking the front end plate off or something to that effect in order to basically remove the spring and platform plunger inside. I just tested mine out last weekend and it fed wonderfully for my old cyma bizon, but the little feeding latch door is indeed cumbersome and I have heard the disassembly method is not only faster but better on the internals. It is a neat system that I wish some other mags could do somehow. There was an
  10. Does anyone who owns a cyma/s&t pattern bizon and has a hicap for it know who to open the front lid to fill it instead of the latch?  I've heard about it being a better method but have yet to figure out how to do it to the hicap that just arrived today (midcaps never worked out for me despite having multiple and I kinda wanna try the hicap after seeing some recent Japanese players use one).

  11. From what I have heard over the last decade, regular splintertarn has popped up in gorka and even more rarely sumrak form, but it was always a custom order to SSO/SPOSN by either someone who contacted them directly or had a seller do so (some French seller on ebay had a bunch made up before). Splintertarn caps by SSO/SPOSN are commercially sold by various sellers at times. Blumentarn gorkas likely the same case, with some regional units ordering them from "SLAVYANKA" company at one point (there is a listing for a demiseason suit on ebay right now actually for high price). Sumpftarn afa
  12. Figured I would wait till both items arrived (and when the hat arrived I would have summoned Tink via triple posting) so here we go. BARS contract sumrak suit in "steppe" aka sumpftarn from Demych and matching Kepi from another seller. Both arrived far sooner than I expected. Should have snagged this pattern years ago but was at the time hesitant to do business overseas, but glad it all worked out in the end and I have my favorite pattern of all time finally. *suitcasey* pictures ahoy, knockoff raybans and weekend grungeface included (I had a frustrating time putting a door handle on fron
  13. I recall some folks already making custom drill models using it already.
  14. Recent arrivals that sadly made me more depressed than helped with the drain the "emergency" 11 hour shifts have done to me this week and for next week. Set of LCT "Olive Drab" ak74 furniture and two npo refurbished real ak74 mag midcaps. The hand guard furniture (as I expected jadedly) does not fit my models unless I take a dremel to the furniture, and honestly I am sick of having to do that. The furniture itself seems a lot darker and more grey than expected honestly. I opened up one of the midcap packages, and whilst the weight of the mag felt nice, everything else was another matt
  15. There is also brands like Krytac and G&G that flat out sponsor events and groups in Japan, and I doubt they are only selling compliant models. A channel I've been watching videos the last few months has the main POV (there are several players that record together) flat out rocks a E&L ak.
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