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  1. Mach Sakai's video on the akm is out already. Kinda wondering if TM would ever do something silly like have an additional gas tank in the stock you could fill up to somehow take the burden of either the bolt movement or actual bb expulsion off the magazine tank/ somehow help with cooldown issues.
  2. Latest promo video shows it, reddit already in arms, figured it needs to be posted everywhere. Interesting mag design (though I imagine RC could "improve" it somehow). So far it seems like it is semi only, which I guess makes sense for their design philosophy. Too bad it is going to be above my credit limit/not really usable where I live.
  3. Random KM-L (afaik) suit I jumped on from a stateside ebay seller. Already had a cheaper zipper suit coming from Russia in the months to come, but I could not pass this up. Looking forward to seeing how it pans out at local game towards the end of the month unless another game pops up sooner.
  4. A few of the pics gathered by John aka Canto whose crew at Hole in the Wall Paintball in Bangor Michigan put on an awesome event last weekend. I am wearing my Sumpftarn getup, which lasted until about an hour or so before our lunch break due to charging across some marshland that I fell up to my lower calf in muck. Link below is the rest of the photo album from the event host, so you can see some of the scale of this place (and it is not all of it yet me tell you). Shame I cannot go visit it all the time. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNT2J2xZpI6kHPKnrZ95fzTkyAHt-avtne5kMgGWXxhAMLBL
  5. I got to go out and sling bbs two weekends in a row, something I cannot recall doing in years/possibly ever. Local game the weekend before and yesterday I drove halfway across the state (mind you I barely drive anywhere and all the highways had construction so was terrifying) to visit the field I first played an actual event at over a decade ago. Glad the two event hosts from the local field convinced me to make the trek, as it was a good time trekking up and down ridge lines, trying to charge across a marsh (don't do that folks), and securing various zip lock bags of "drugs". I had on Fr
  6. Well that was certainly interesting. Love how they go for those big action ads and I rather just watch Marui Man do his thing instead (I am now wanting him to star in a Japanese retelling of Die Hard now). Gearbox scares me but at least the wires are outside the shell, though I assume there is no motor cage sadly. I imagine Laylax is already drawing up plans for this thing if not adapting their existing parts for it. It will high price and barely imported here I reckon, but I do hope it does well.
  7. Whilst I have a mate that is on a MP5 binge lately, I doubt he will even look at a TM one regardless if it is ebb or gbb simply because he prefers to scrounge up things to rebuild. I myself have little interest sadly, despite how much I want to be for TM.
  8. It was a touch over the usual 400 fps with .2 limit that is enforced at most fields per out local state community guidelines (Was roughly 360 with .25 which per conversion calculators is saying 403 with .2 or 1.51 Joules). It may have been the chronos they had, or I just had better air seal at the moment due to it not being cold out, etc. They let me use it as if at 20 foot M.E.D because they know I am not a *beep* running around with a hpa setup overshooting kids. I ran semi anyways because I tend to stick to that anyways. Really need to just break the spring in more but again, never f
  9. Local field day went well yesterday, though naturally I had my gun snafu curse still. Apparently my ak105 was shooting 360fps with .25 which makes it into DMR range joule wise (which means I need to change the spring in it again or something), my RPK pretty much will not feed from its drum at all now after changing the stock sealless *suitcase* nozzle to a shs short one and bugger me if it will feed from anything else. P90 was silly on 11.1 v and I ended up using it for most of the day. Had a lot of newcomers out who managed to somewhat put up a challenge to some of the old hands that sh
  10. First picture so far of the elusive "Russian" as they call me at the local field. Pretty sure the ref has film of me in this bunker puttering about back and forth because the cover is all and I cannot find a good angle for anything in it. Most of the time for this gamemode of capturing said bunker I am off to the left scaring folks trying to come up these two paths near the field netting walls. I'll probably be double posting soon if anything else surfaces.
  11. Yeah, kinda hard to say anything when what happens feels about the same as what happened the week/month/year before. Went airsofting two weekends ago, local field with only a few folks and 2ft of snow at the time making it hard to even walk, but had a good time nonetheless. I mostly go to chat with the two hosts, who I wish I could join on their big event game adventures out of state latter this year, but I know I never will. At least the p90 didn't explode yet. Trying to get into gaming more than just staring at my laptop watching other folks play games, though currently it just me
  12. Had some nostalgia recently for the ps3 game M.A.G and just had to look for my S.V.E.R faction patches and low and behold someone makes some (sadly no velcro). I kind of want to have a sticker shop make the logo as well so I can stickerbomb some ak mags or something.
  13. My revitalized TM P90 inside a Flambeau PDW case, alongside some MAG brand midcaps (that are rare as *suitcase* now in the US). Case is very well suited for the purpose of a lightweight case, and I will say the build quality is better imho than their longer rifle cases. MAG midcaps excellent as expected, all fed well last weekend.
  14. Would upload more images (including one of oversized Splav Kamysh Bekas suit and battery hand held screwdriver for tech I bought previously) but I am horrible at converting photos to fit upload limits. 6sh104 arrived today after a bit of time (lot less than I thought it would be though given everything atm). Somehow already fits me without adjustment, and already looks ratty enough for the rest of my kit. Hoping if my left foot ever recovers I can use this with my old KLMK suit in spring/summer for Georgia war aesthetic. Certainly feels like money better spent than the custom insoles I ha
  15. Never okay, just keep going. Old man now has 3 damaged disks and can hardly walk, I myself have been getting pain in left heel (likely spur) for awhile now, got new insoles to try and relieve it a bit, but just the constant 10 hours on the floor at work dragging me down so much that I hardly want to get out of bed on the weekend. All this overtime and hard work resulted in depressing news from bosses that the holiday bonus was being sent through the payroll system instead of a live check, which meant it got taxed and 401k/healthcared deductions. Despite getting a bigger bonus than most othe
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