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  1. Gunmane

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    I saw a few of the TWI ones at the last rec game I went to, kinda want to get some. I do love running the cyma 40 rounder midcaps in my ak100 carbine. Quick question, but what is the consensus on PBS-1 replicas out there atm, and anyone got experience with one for the cyma bizon? I kinda been having the odd thought today of getting one for mine and possibly taking the stock brass barrel of an ak74 model out of storage, build a hop up setup for it, and basically have two barrel sets (not sure if I would have to change cylinders but hoping not).
  2. Gunmane

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Airsoft yesterday did not go as well as the weekend before, and it kinda dampened my enthusiasm. Nothing seemed to really have effective use all day, we had 130+ people at one point so it was a bit too chaotic for a rec game, etc. The main kalash just doesn't feel like it is lobbing anything decently, the rpk still isn't really a lmg, and the ak104/5 kept shooting to the right (and I know I have the hop up chamber centered on it). Then on the way home my 2002 buick lesabre's belt broke and so I lost power to most things whilst on the highway, much fun there. Dad had me park at some gas station he knew off and went to get another belt and we struggled far too long to get it on, only for it too imediately snap before I go a mile. Ended up trying to coast it home. I can only guess it is the tension pulley considering I just pried it off and the bearings in it are all broken. Will have to see if a replacement fixes the issue of the belt smoking and then breaking instantly. All in all a *suitcase* weekend.
  3. Gunmane

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    The big question is, who gets to run Customs and let all the airsoft in without hassle?
  4. Anyone with a LCT RPK/74 got any imput on barrel length?  I hear about the barrel being too long and folks going for shorter ones or getting "bore up" kits, yet others that say its fine just get another hop up. 

    1. DrAlexanderTobacco


      I had @DarkLite put a 640mm in mine the other day - will let you know what performance is like when I skirmish with it!

    2. Gunmane


      Are you running a suppressor replica on it or something?  The longest I heard for mine was 610mm stock barrel...

  5. Gunmane

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    I would say most definitively yes. Going to guess PPS brand, though I have thought about if that one's stock could fit on a cyma one somehow. Also reminds me I still need to get the metal flashhider to replace the yucky orange plastic on mine, and that I still want that camo.
  6. Gunmane

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Me trying out the somewhat oversized Sumrak suit on sunday at local game.
  7. Gunmane

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    What if you are really into Russian girls though?
  8. Gunmane

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    Thank Gott my job didn't require deep vetting, I'd be kicked out just as fast as FireKnife. Wonderful day out at the local field. No HPA at all (which surprised me), everything actually worked, I pulled of many flanks, some kids and their dad had a good time, and the weather was perfect. Bizon really performed when it came to pushing through brush with full auto, as did the ak104/5 carbine. The rpk still felt subpar despite the mosfet installation, I don't know if it was just the motor height or if the stock lct gears really are just too slow even with a high torque motor compared to cyma stock gears or something. The strangest thing was my old kalash, the one I put plum furniture on. Last time it was chronoed was 390 fps range with .2, so with .25 it was slightly less and still ruled as 20 foot MED. All i've done since then was install the mosfet (without opening up the gearbox), replace the old plastic chamber with an SHS metal one, and put in a G&G Green bucking. It chronoed today at 280 fps with .25... I've heard of having to break in buckings and whatnot but that is a dramatic loss. I would think the shs chamber being held in place to the gearbox via a screw would make compression better if anything. I'm going to have to test via changing the bucking back to a Modify flat hop one and then swapping back to the plastic chamber to see what may be causing this dramatic compression loss. Hopefully i can figure it out before next Saturday's game.
  9. Gunmane

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    Smallest one roughly is a short stick style one I use for my cyma ak105 (because for some reason the longer ones will not go down into the handguard area). I got the deal made with a redditor for the extended stock for 15 dollars shipped, pretty good deal. Just finished working out whilst listening to Cowboy Bebop Ost and watching airsoft vids from Japan/Forgotten Weapons vids. Can't wait to go out and play tomorrow, though it looks like rain towards the afternoon.
  10. Gunmane

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    I dug my old tm p90 out of the closet yesterday and remembered that whoever sold it to me locally what feels like a decade ago had upgraded some of the bits and it was last shooting around 320 or so fps. Put a deans on it, swapped the 15 amp fuse for a 30, hooked up one of my 7.4v, and it still works. Chrono was telling me average of 290-300 fps, which is amazing considering how old it is. Sadly my smallest lipo won't fit in the buttstock with the lid on. Sending out feelers to someone selling one of those extended buttstocks though. Figured I could bring it out to games sometimes for anything involving clearing plywood buildings or super short distances, as sorta the brother "cumbersome magazine" to the bizon. Red dot still works but can't really adjust it to actually serve as a sight. Overall just gives me nostalgia vibes. Also dear gott do I love how you can take it apart in half, and just the whole beauty of TM products.
  11. Gunmane

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    I figured someone would have at least entertained the notion of making a PSL, though seeing as how SVDs are not flying off the shelves I can see why something more obscure would be less likely. Not a whole lot of "battle rifle/dmr" options for Rusfor in the end. I just like stuff with either giant mags or pain in the *albartroth* ones I guess. Speaking off, I decided to attempt to chrono the bizon indoors after getting it working and it seems to be shooting under 350 fps now with the sorbo pad and whatnot installed (and probably worse airseal now somehow), which works for me since before I couldn't clear buildings with it still. Just yesterday I was watching some Japanese airsoft vids (from the Team Upi Upi group) and saw two things that made me smile. An "AA-36" which as the name suggests is three aa-12's combined into one trigger unit/grip with an external battery compartment under the stocks (sadly fed only from the standard box mags) and another from the same event that was two aa-12's combined together with a bipod acting as a pillbox basically. It got me to thinking why TM doesn't make lmg/gpmg models with the same setup as their aa12s, as the volume of projectiles going out feels more like a suppression factor, and most of said models have the bulk/weight to justify it. I understand why folks would rather just hpa their support replicas instead (unless you're that one guy who already hpa'd an aa-12) for all the range and whatnot, but I really think this might offer a new flavor of play to the role perhaps.
  12. Gunmane

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    The utter lack of joke releases today from anyone so far. RC pretty much made the best thing for today, and not even sure if it was intentional for the date in question.
  13. Gunmane

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    Out of all the bleakness of this weekend, seeing this made me smile for a moment. We need LCT to take a crack at it, with either all wood or black furniture, or a mix as shown, I just want something like this.
  14. I'd like to hear folk's thoughts on the G&G CM16 LMG being shown off lately.  I agree with most detractors about the cost, the fact that the internals are not really built for the role it is supposed to represent, etc. but for some reason I just like the look of it (and folks will know I am anything but an armalite fan at all) due to the shape of the upper.  I kinda want to see what G&G would do to make an ak variant of the same concept, whether they would take one of their rk74 rifles and slap a drum mag on it or would they bother designing a rpk length receiver, maybe make a pseudo rpk-16.

    1. Skarclaw


      Nothing against it really, not to my taste but I'm not sure that there's anything inherently unsuitable about the v3 gearbox for LMG usuage. But as these type of light weight LMG's become more common - rpk16 is a good example - milsim organisers will have to think a bit different about how they class and balance them. I'd suggest 12kg - weight of gun = weight you have to carry on your person AT ALL TIMES haha. Easy! 

    2. PureSilver


      I hardly ever see LMGs on the field and I'd like to see more, especially if it means regular ARs/SMGs being limited to semi-auto. I'd happily take a couple of these pretty-clearly-just-a-dressed-up-AR-15 things if that's what it takes to stop literally everyone else wasting 100rds at a time from their regular AEG.

  15. Gunmane

    Glock Picture Thread

    3 years for the plastic model, another 5 years for the actual product, maybe 6-8 months for its release.

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