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  1. Interested. It reminisces a bit of some Magpul offerings, but with some practical thought behind (integrated accessories, rails, battery space in hand-guard). I like the rocky look. It´s like Transformers, but M4 style... Well, you get what I´m trying to say xD. Techy (marmitee xD) look, a most likely comfy stock... However, you should post some considerations about the gun over time, like, handling, specs, performance, and troubles you find in the long term of usage. As per the last post says, laser and flashlight, also must be reviewed....
  2. 800 is a nice number (for a GBB), but I would be definitely pleased to know how fares in the 2000 to 10000 range. That´s almost a year of playing, I know but... asking is free. The issue I find is that GBBR don´t quite deliver the same reliability or performance as seen in most GBB pistols. If they do, they do at the cost of gutting yourself for cash Newb am me to this.
  3. I´m curious. The recoil can break the lenses of clone scopes? Or the issue of how firm is the gripping into the mount rails? If it is the latter, I think it´s a solvable problem. Now I wanna a G36 GBBR, thought I hate the C version with all my guts. How much rounds have you fired until now, guys? Without a single hitch?
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