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  1. Same here LeeC, I am hoping that the Mac 10 will have some possible improved internals (And the fact that it might even come with the original Mac 10 silencer as seen in the latest pics in the package only helps make it seem like an awesome deal). I know muzzle velocity doesn't mean a whole lot when it comes to a Marui, but still 220? I even thought Marui themselves said that the reason for the delay of the Compact SMG series after the Mp7 was to try and improve the internals, at least I could have sworn I read that somewhere... Great review BTW and beautiful pics too!
  2. Good to hear you got your gun Wedgie, and I'm glad you liked it too.
  3. I got mine just a few minutes ago, and man do I love it! This is my first GBB Pistol and boy did I hit home with the Marui model. This thing looks amazing and has a great feel to it (much better than that M93r AEP I sold a while ago)! The manual sucks as usual (this may be my third Marui, but man being my first GBB, I wanted at least a few translations!) but the pictures were very helpful and informative. Magazine holds 23-25 bb's, and a good fill of 134a gas will easily get you 2 mags worth of shooting. This gun has a kickbutt performance. I can't even really describe how good it sh
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