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  1. They have really improved of late but don't expect perfection in terms of function or you'll probably be disappointed.
  2. Tac-one 12424ir..... It's a replica of a nightforce NXS scope
  3. Check my pics from the last page dude. Ergo pistol grip fitted.
  4. Cheers man. Well I'm gonna get some different ammo just in case. Only seems to happen in the original mag that came with the gun. All he new mags bought last month seem fine so far.... Strangeeeee
  5. And thanks to VFC, here it is! Been having some trouble with mags jamming bbs in them. Using blaster Devils 0.3s. MWS Facebook group has recommended g&g, Tokyo Marui or madbull. Anyone here have any experience with this problem?
  6. Cheers. Needs paint and a can. Waiting on vfc for the can.
  7. Not sure how much interest there will be for this here but a few people might appreciate it I guess. My current Tm m4 Gbbr build is an NSW "recce rifle" build
  8. if you're using green/propane, what's the best way to reduce fps to under 350 with 0.2 currently?
  9. Having some real problems with mine at the moment and any help would be greatly appreciated please guys. - It double loads shells and consequently jams pretty regularly. Is there a cause and fix for this? - the pump lock is intermittent. It only engages like 50% of the time. If you push it to one side or even half pull the trigger, it engages. Any thoughts? Thanks once again Chris
  10. Had to use a hammer in the end but finally.....
  11. No need to apologise. I've just read that back and it could have done with a smiley face or two. Sorry about that. I guess what I'm saying is some people have told me it comes out without taking it apart so I was hoping to find out how but I'm coming to the conclusion that that won't be possible and I'll have to go down the take it apart route.
  12. Notice the word apparently. Everyone else can do it with theirs and I neither have the time nor inclination to take the bloody thing to shreds when it should just be able to pop off.
  13. Apparently that's not necessary.
  14. Tried that. No joy.
  15. Took this crappy vid last night. Not a lot to see really.
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