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  1. MSK mags are perfect in M4's. The problem with alu mags is that they deform over time and with hard use and becomes looser and looser in the mag well, plastic mags don't.
  2. The OB trigger box have a reinforced valve pin delay lever, the small spring loaded part on the side that pops put, the CB part broke some times and WE upgradede it, but they had to drill out the box a bit to fit it. It functions 100% the same, so if the CB part don't break it will run fine in a OB gun.
  3. Not high end, high volume And not paint, WE resivers are not painted.
  4. Sorry 6.5mm, misremembered that, well you get a better result if you clamp a new upper and lower together at do it, but it's really fine, 0.2mm over the 3cm wide pin channel is nothing, RS AR's are loose as F BTW, that is just inherent in the design.
  5. The receiver holes shrink a bit do to the coloring treatment, run a 10mm HHS drill true them by hand and they are fine, the real problem is that WE sells the loose uppers and lowers straight from anodizing and they really need a going over with a drill and the lower needs the fake pins installed, the upper needs a 10mm drill and I think a 2.5mm for the pin hole for the force feeder. And anodizing is a biatch to get the same from batch to batch, only the really high volume RS gun makers gets it perfect, like Colt and FN, but if you buy a complete upper it woulkd most likely not match your l
  6. Prime MUR gun in the shop Something else we are working on
  7. Have a WE M4 with a Prime MUR upper in the shop, put a OB kit in it, it's a nice gun now
  8. Have a good look at the green "o-ring" and get back to me.
  9. CustomGuns.dk for replacement CO2 mag O-rings, CNC'ed in Denmark of the highest grade Nitrile rubber, not cheap but they work.
  10. All WE GBBR's breaks nozzles over time, that is just part of the running cost of the platform.
  11. Have one in the shop right now with a busted trigger pack, and not the first one, so steel trigger parts seems like a worthy upgrade, other then that seems solid.
  12. The TSC just needs a bit of a workout, when the paint strips off it's great, and now I am not so sure any more as the the brand of this ambi selector, it's the same full size switch on both sides?
  13. My friend is having problems with the Angry Gun Ambi Selector, the pin goes to far into the dimpels on the cylinder and lockes it up, so please let me know if that was just a lemon part.
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