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  1. I have the Night Evolution marked version. The threads on the cap and head were rough and had some metal slivers. They take the same mounts as the real lights, but if you do use the real mounts, use metric hardware. Overall, a decent priced and well performing light.
  2. Good writeup. I think I know what I want next.
  3. Great review. I'm wondering how it will perform with the regular and extended 1911 mags.
  4. I noticed that the MSK mags is a better fit in the receiver and more consistent at locking back when empty.
  5. It is going into single action.
  6. How much shells does the tube hold? From the pic it looks like 2+1.
  7. Thank you. I'm still waiting on some parts, so I'll post another pic in a few weeks.
  8. Good review! Sadly, I started to lose interest in this hand gun after CG's shenanigans. The red dot/reflex sight on the box is the Docter mini reflex sight. Hole spacing looks to be about the same, minus the BBU being in the way. It would've been nice if they used colored fiber optic inserts to mimic the colored tritium inserts, or tritium inserts seeing as how much they are selling the handgun for.
  9. Yeah, I'm working on it. I'm bored and playing dress up with spare parts for another build.
  10. Great initial impressions! Looks 10x better than the WE Toucan/Big-Bird/N&P/Whatever.
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