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  1. Any airsofters near Colchester Essex who fancy sharing their car on the way to skirmishes, get in touch!

  2. Since this is a Armalite thread, I won't post a picture, but HERE is a link to a picture EDIT: Oh and HERE is a picture of it without the UGL...It's long since been sold unfortunately I'll try and get some pictures of my Armalite in its short configuration after my day out tomorrow!
  3. Matter of opinion there matey! I'm saving up for uni $100 is too much for me right now, maybe in September, but even so, I like it how it is, the front sight might be coming off in future anyway, if I can source an ACM RIS front sight (when I actually have money and feel a bit less lazy). Besides, you think that thing looks fugly, you shoulda seen my AK Spetz with the M249 outer barrel...
  4. Basically, the above To keep it cheap and to be able to switch between a CQB and a full length relatively painlessly
  5. I can see why you would worry, to be honest I hadn't thought about it; it's fairly solid as it is, as well as being an outdoor only gun at that length, I've thought about a gas block though, the front ironsight seems too far forward and I fancy something I can flip out of the way if needs be We'll have to see, but it's mostly there by now
  6. Well, what I've got going on is a "keep it cheap" regime. The setup pictured has a full length inner barrel, but thanks to the beauty that is ICS' split gearbox, I have also got a lower fps gearbox, and a smaller barrel with it's own hop so I can unscrew the top half of the outer barrel and simply place on a flashider, slot in the other parts and then I've got myself a CQB rifle. Really it's because I don't fancy buying two seperate guns when one will suffice. Other than that, I'm finished, I certainly don't intend on extending the RIS, I kind of like it how it is; makes the fun look
  7. It's been a long time since I've posted anything in the way of pictures of my own guns, and the offering I'm about to present you with is nothing in comparison to some of the guns you've all built yourselves, but I'm still proud of it!
  8. What exactly is "we", I can't tell? This is my offering for today: "The Beauty Of A Killing Machine", what started out as a couple of photos to show some mates my gun turned into a fully fledged photo shoot! This one turned out best IMHO.
  9. There's no such thing as too much duck! And Plankton, I like it, it's come out nice but the foreground and background blur seems a little too intense to be real, photoshop??
  10. Unlucky, might not have been better than them taking more money if you'd had your camera nicked! Can guarantee, knowing my luck, that's exactly what'd happen to me Time for me to toddle off I think, college in the morning. One more photo to finish the night!
  11. Hmmm, I think a hi-vis may just be a bettery simpler idea! I use a UV filter (for general protection, nothing annoys me more than grubby fingerprints on my lenses!) and use a company called e&l to insure my kit, but I'm still very paranoid, my camera goes everywhere with me, and I can guarantee, if it did get shot-out, the one week I'd be waiting for the replacement, is the one week I'd need it most! I may well just simply make a polycarb "filter" if you will, to sit in a cokin adapter, that way I could use my camera in-game if needs be and feel a bit happier about it.
  12. Touche, touche, I've never really used the slideshow function all that much, I really ought to get more acquainted with Flickr. Just a general question to throw out there, does anyone take their camera to games and actually use it mid-match? I'd love to take mine, but fear it being destroyed by rampant BBs, so I thought I'd custom-fit a pocket in my SAAV with a clear plate in front, rubber lenshood and then a cheapy CPL filter with the glass removed to allow focussing, so that my camera could essentially be "fired from the hip" using a remote...Just an idea, probably the most impractical
  13. Thanks! I had a flick through yours, I approve, but you pro users have far too many photos for my clicking finger to handle!
  14. Really, the only difference it makes, from what I gather, is when you have a lens worth about £2000 with VR on, then it's pretty decent, otherwise it's a bit pap. Just a little educational tip I picked up from a local pro photographer, if your shutter speed is equal to your 35mm equiv focal length, you will get no vibration, and on D-SLR's if it is equivalent to the focal length on the lens, you will see very little. So for example, on my Sigma 70-300mm, I get a focal length equivalent to 450 on a film camera. So, when shooting 300mm at 1/300th of a second, I wouldn't get much m
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