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  1. Hooray! Received order despatch email from LWA aswell, R85 is on it's way and I can't wait! Thanks again Scott! Will def be recommending your company to my airsofting friends , great comms & very helpful service! All I need to do now is work out how the hell I'm gonna fit my Star rail in place of the factory fitted 20mm rail (new Susat waiting to be fitted)! Any solutions/idea's or same experience greatly appreciated. Not long now...!
  2. I second that, I reckon its safe to say that those of us with a pre-order with LWA all appreciate the hard work you have put into getting the R85's in. Thanks again! If they're all being shipped tomorrow (Thursday) does that mean I should get mine this Friday? Are you testing the blowback mechanism aswell during your test shots? Kind Regards Rich
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