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  1. reymon


    Well i think the barrel and hopup rubber are pretty ######! Will change it as soon as possible. If i twist the hop to high i also get some jams but not that much. mfg RM
  2. reymon


    Oh, ok no problem now i understand it. Well i will get the STAR Barrel and it should fit well. ciao RM
  3. reymon


    Well i tried to fit a std. TM barrel into the EBR and ther was no chance to get the barrel into the outer barrel the diameter was just to small. Have you just pulled the Kart inner barrel out and put the KM one in? Thats amazing because on mine ther was no way of fitting a Systema barrel. Bye RM
  4. reymon


    Yes it`s Innerbarrel length is 469mm. But the outer diameter of the inner barrel is smaller than standard diameter so installing aftermarket precision barrels will be a problem. I already thought about buying a STAR M14 barrel at WGC, but I´m not sure if it would fit, but it should. bye RM
  5. reymon


    @tomster Hey, I also thought about that and did it just a few minutes ago and then i read this post *hehe*. This weekend i will take new Pics and hopefully will do a little chrono with the EBR. As well as target shooting. Bye RM
  6. reymon


    @Chas - Thank you man, i really appreciate it and i don`t think i will have any problems with disassembling the EBR now. Bye RM
  7. reymon


    Hi, i also got a KART EBR from RSOV and already skirmed with it on Saturday so far no Problems regarding broken parts. Stock end position is a problem as it was already stated. But i have a problem with my HopUp, it has no effect at all even if i crank it up to the max. I haven`t chronoed it yet but i think it`s about 33? to 35? fps. Also the thin metal part were the Handguard is screwed on will be replaced with something more sturdy maybe machined out of aluminum or so, that should make it possible to screw a rail onto the handguard an use a frontgrip on that attached rail. An
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