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  1. That's a bit rich coming from somebody who called another forum member an idiot less than a week ago. No, it isn't, as I said to you already. We usually issue warning point if something is truly offensive but most of the time, as with Chimpy, it is formally ignored.
  2. I'm really not sure what your point is with respect to that other thread. The Obame thread DOES, however, provide a good example of where members such as Titleist, Whomper and Chimpy attempted to undermine a topic with glib comments which were taken in good spirit at first and then, when they continued to the point where warning points were issued, complaints are made regarding heavy-handed moderation.
  3. I don't think what I wrote was particularly insulting. What's more, I don't think BBR was too worried about it either, given that he hasn't yet complained about it. Frankly, it seems as though this is more to do with a tiny clique complaining about the suspension of Whomper and Titleist in my opinion.
  4. I thought the same when I read your previous post.
  5. Really? Cos, to be honest, the wording I used when I informally warned BBR about trolling is the only part of this that I have any second thoughts about.
  6. I can't help noticing that babybackribs has not registered any complaint over my comment. If he wants to post here or PM me I will be happy to apologise for any insult made. The two people who I suspended have a long history of argumentative behaviour and action was taken to curtail any further off-topic debate. That's really all I have to say on the subject.
  7. Actually, no. I've never used that kind of function in any forum. I find it tends to mean you only other look at the stuff everybody else is looking at. Having said that, I guess I can see the point. We'll see if we can get something done.
  8. Erm.... You know the sales forums are already divided up into Brit, yank and worldwide sections, right? And, beyond that, when you use the advanced search function you can specify which forum you want to search? Can't really see how anything more complex is required. About the only thing I would suggest is that people posting stuff for sale in the worldwide section might consider putting their country in the thread title so that people can search for everything in a specific country. Course, given that half the members here can't even be bothered to select a country for t
  9. FWIW, I reckon that Noveske flash-hider needs to go. From an aesthetic POV it looks kinda odd sticking out there at the end of that long barrel and from a practical POV the whole point of the real item is to improve cycling on AR15s with CQB length barrels.
  10. I'm pretty sure you can't. From what I recall, you can't own any current military aircraft. Beyond that, you'd need to be rated for it before you could fly it an unless you were also a military pilot you're not gonna be able to do that. The avionics would be restricted items and a modern jety is almost unflyable without them. To put all this in perspective, enthusiasts still have a helluva job jumping through the required hoops to purchase an F4 phantom and fly it. I figure you live there because that's where you were born.
  11. Sort out your spelling a bit, please.
  12. Next time, feel free to, like, not post when there's nothing to post about, eh?
  13. It sounds like the OP is just upset at getting warning points TBH.
  14. FWIW, you really need to look at an IR laser through NVGs to see how bright they look. I have a G&P IR laser (dunno what wattage that is but it's not gonna be seriously powerful, right?) and using that at night with NVGs looks a lot like that video of the 2 squaddies having a "lightsaber" fight with their PEQs. Basically, pretty much any IR laser will project an incredibly bright dot and most also project a visible beam too. When viewed with NVGs. *EDIT* Carbine: Does that PEQ have working adjusters? Personally, I've never been big of "fake" stuff so I've never bou
  15. For me, the main attraction of BT was the reliability of service. In 3 years of use I've had one day of no service. By contrast, my sister in law uses Tiscali and their service is usually down at least once an hour for a couple of minutes. Funny thing, I used to have a Tiscali dial-up account and the main reason I cancelled it when I moved to cable was because of all the stories about how bad the Tiscali customer services were. Somehow I suspect they couldn't be worse than BT now are. Must admit, I'm usually either seeding or leeching something and I've never had any problems a
  16. I have one of these on my M4 and, after seeing yours, my plan was to remove the paint, polish it up and then use a blowlamp to blacken the muzzle a bit then spray a layer of laquer on it. Lot of effort but it should look nice.
  17. Not vey well. The wall on one side is wayyy thinner than the other side. If you try and bore it concentrically you'll only be able to remove 1mm or so of metal. If you do it properly you can probably remove at least two or three times as much. Course, there's no reason why you couldn't mount the BCG in a 3 jaw chuck with a shim on one side to offset it suitably. I can see myself buying one of these for my AGM gun at some point. When that happens I'll probably drill a bunch of big holes through the left side of the BCG at the very least.
  18. FWIW, I notice that the hole through the middle of a BCG is not concentric. If you decide to lighten the BCG, you need to bung it in a 4-jaw chuck and bore it out eccentrically. Liking the design of the rear part of the JDT bolt. I have an idea for something but it won't be possible with the normal WA design of bolt so I need an Inok' style bolt to try it. Hopefully, by the time I get around to it, there'll be more inok style bolts and BCGs to choose from.
  19. Seems that Mumbai Telecom took the hint and got it fixed. I feel like phoning them back just to say "See? I told you it wasn't my firewall or AV software or any of that other sh*t you tried to blame it on this morning!" but they obviously wouldn't be able to reply because it isn't on their script.
  20. Haven\'t been able to get on Arnies all night. Cazboab is having the same problem. I managed to get here using a proxy server but the only thing we can think of is that BTInternet has blocked access to Arniesairsoft.co.uk I know there\'s nothing anybody here can do but I thought it might be worth mentioning.
  21. I'd never fit an aluminium BCG unless I was a ROF junkie who'd decided to disable the bolt-catch on all my mags. Far better, IMO, to fit a steel BCG and then buy a few cheap bolt-catches and keep em as consumable spares. One thing... Depending how your tight o-rings are seating, you might be better off using a needle-file to file away at the seat rather than messing with the o-ring. If you have access to the equipment (Snorkelman) you could use a lathe to reshape, and lengthen, the o-ring seat slightly and slope the seat slightly. This should allow the O-ring to seat tightly on th
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