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  1. Basho

    Videos Thread !

    Let us not forget - everyone - the players, as well as the team, made Tier 1 what it was - we all were awesome.
  2. Basho

    Videos Thread !

    Basho presents a tribute to 5 years of Tier 1 Military Simulations events. They say that it is only when you lose something that you realise value it had. That emotional wrench requires a loss of access. Not that airsoft is banned or that I am banned from enjoying it; but, we (my friends and I) tried to attend other events, I was even offered (very generously) positions of filmmaker in lieu of playing fees, and yet - we couldn’t get excited by the action or involved in the role play. I present here an argument that tier 1 was unique in the pantheon of airsoft companies, that it tried - and bloody well succeeded - in doing something very very high end. All the elements were in place: The core team were either ex military or professionally trained by the same, the stories and “serials” were designed and delivered by experts, the locations were the best and came with hired role players, and the marshalling was (if I may say so) pretty good. Taken all together, the whole became far more than the sum of its parts with a focus on quality over profit. Much like the best opera - you put money in, you get opera out. Tier 1 offered something rare in airsoft events, it only cared about giving people an authentic experience. Even if that came at a cost to the player happiness. I recall vividly one night assault, where the blue side came up on the staging area for the assault early. It was absolutely pissing in rain; but, the marine-hardened leaders of Tier 1 didn’t care. We stood in that rain, ready to assault, for 40 minutes, like Spartans. Only on the agreed time did we charge. In another event, a helicopter assault was planned against a building selected by a spotting team. Any other company would have faked the spotting team pinpointing the building; but, no - Tier 1 sent out a serving marine to crawl around in the dark to use actual military listening equipment to actually find the building. This level of detail was what I tried to capture in my films. Many airsoft films are little more than “look at me, how awesome I am” ego’fests, and I am not saying I don’t include my own achievements; but, I worked very hard to try and capture the spirit of the event, and not just my contribution. For this film, I went back to the original film files. All the way back to my long term storage systems and 500gb of files in the project. It was an epic undertaking; but, by doing it this way I could render it out in high quality and I could use the original sound data. This has led to a far improved final result and also enabled me to colour the film across all the events; and not be stuck with the colouring of the original productions. I am very happy with this film, and I see it as a fitting tribute to those incredible 5 years of events Tier 1 achieved as a brotherhood, a family. So, this is for Ed, for Mark, for Shez, for Robbie, for Tricky, for Lex, for Mike and for all my milsim brothers. Let us not forget - we were awesome.
  3. Basho

    Videos Thread !

    Just dropping a quick note about my new milsim film for Tier 1 Military Simulation; Operation Payback. This incredibly well played event showcased some of the highest quality effects ever used in milsim. Including RPG attacks, EOD detonations, explosive entry and more. All captured in the 20 minute film from Outside Context, if you have any interest in milsim then this is a must watch! Promo here: Many thanks, Basho
  4. Basho

    Videos Thread !

    Just fresh off the render machine is our latest Promo for Tier 1; Operation Orchid Dawn. Details here: http://wp.me/pqkAO-2UF
  5. Basho

    Videos Thread !

    Hey all, please help spreading the word It's Christmas, so here is your present of my Operation Jawbreaker film (the full version): a 24hour Milsim event held in Copehill Down FIBUA site, near Stonehenge in England, by Tier 1 Military Simulations. This is roleplaying at its very finest. No actors, no retakes, everything happens live once the game is on! 37 minutes of the best Military Simulation ever undertaken in the UK and all cut together with music and professionally coloured. This is a film of how deep Military Simulation can go. Please "like" us on Facebook and share amongst your friends. A full review of the event with lots of images can be found here: http://www.outsidecontext.com/2012/07/07/tier-1-operation-jawbreaker-what-the-marshal-saw/ Cheers, Basho
  6. Basho has just been promoted and is sitting in a hotel room in Dublin very happy! EMEA Client Services Manager ahoy!

  7. Basho

    Videos Thread !

    My promo film for Operation Sandstorm, which was a 36hour Milsim event held at STANTA FIBUA site by Tier 1 Military Simulations. Promo film: http://youtu.be/wOt5JziRQ6E Basho
  8. After the simply amazing performance of the British female Judo team, it's for the TKD players to bring the fight. Can they step up to such an incredible level?

    1. FireKnife


      Wait, what we did well at an Olympic martial arts event? Well done for Team GB, even with this big waste of money at least the team is kicking *albatross* :P

    2. cazboab


      Also the first ever gold medal for British womens boxing. They might suck at football, running and swimming, but years of catfights at 2AM in town centres have made our women unbeatable in sports that involve hitting people.


  9. Basho

    Videos Thread !

    I like it! A nice filter and colour balance with the high contrast. Airsoft needs more setup stuff like this? Do you do organic as well? Basho PS. I can confirm how awesome the Go Pro 2 is, I love mine. I shoot entirely on 120fps for the slow mo.
  10. Basho

    Videos Thread !

    Operation Jawbreaker
  11. Basho

    Videos Thread !

    Tier 1 - Operation Blackheart Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf563y4kki0 Fresh off the render machine comes the first release from airsoftfilm.com This is a short promo that shows some action from the Blackheart Tier 1 game a few weeks ago. We finally got it approved by the MOD! Regards, Basho
  12. just launched www.airsoftfilm.com

  13. Basho

    Videos Thread !

    I don't know, you wait three months for a Basho film and then two come along at once! My first ever commissioned film was released today and stands as a landmark for Basho films. I have learned more about Sony Vegas, filmmaking and special effects from this project than I could have ever imagined. The story is: It all happens, cars get stopped at night by roadblock, men are thrown into cold baths of water and doors are professionally blown clean off their hinges in: Operation BladeRunner! [media=''] [/media] Kind regards, Basho
  14. Basho

    Videos Thread !

    Yeah, the milsim stuff is very different. This particular video has no footage of me in battle, but plenty coming of the DAs sending the hard core milsim players home with their tails between their legs.

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