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    Summer 2006
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    Currently only a STAR G36k with some maggies
    and a battery thats playing up, huzzah :)
    Just bought a MP001 from Gunner, shooting nicely :)
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    East Anglia; Hertfordshire
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    Airsofting, Computers and all that jazz :)
  1. Noxman

    Before and After

    A stock STAR G36K: To an MGL-9D or something ^^
  2. Thought i'd make my contribution Just got the SL-9 kit to make my MGL-9D or whatever it's supposed to be. Love it or hate it, i'm in the former Sorry that the last one is so big, photobucket wouldn't change it for some reason. Cheers Sam
  3. Yeager, what foregrip is that on your SL-36c doodad? Thats some funky jazz going on there. Oddly looks kinda cool, like something used to charge into peoples faces, if you know what i mean, kinda..... Don't listen to me
  4. Yeah fair enough. Cheers for putting my mind to rest
  5. Hey everyone. I wasn't really sure where to post this so here goes: I can't really substantiate this as I havn't interviewed people selling things in the UK Non-airsoft sales section but it seems to be going on. More and more things like consoles are being sold in full packages with everything unopened and included. The for sale sections are, from what i've heard, for people trying to un-load unwanted or unused items but someone selling a full console package seems like they are selling for profit and not because they 'accidentally' bought an expensive piece of
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